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a gift for a world of light

a gift for a world of light

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 A World of Light was created to give you a choice as to what you focus on in your life. I wanted you to have an ad free, conflict free, light filled space to begin your day with. Or somewhere to visit when you feel overwhelmed by the “bad news” and want an infusion of light with a daily post that inspires and uplifts. There are enough things in the world to terrify us and darken our spirits. This is one place that you know you can always come to for lightness and delight.

Each day for the whole of the year 2024, there will be a new seed of light. May they take root in your heart and grow and illuminate your life. 

If a World of Light is bringing you joy and you'd like to show your appreciation as well as help with the upkeep costs, you may support us with a donation--as much as you are inspired to give in increments of $5.

Donations of $125 and up, will receive the gift of a soul message (a short message from the Universe).

Donations of $300 and up, will receive the gift of a Star Song or ORB experience.

I work with sensitive, creative, magical souls to reimagine the world as the paradise that she is. If you are an Angel Investor and are interested in offering support with one of the projects I'm working on, please get in touch.


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