My Magic


I am wildly sensitive, some of my best friends are crystals and I see magic everywhere.

When I was a child, I lived in apartment #306 of the 2nd big brown building on a quiet street in the suburbs of Toronto. I loved living there. Everyday after dinner, I went down to the lobby and started pushing the buzzers of the apartments of all the other kids in the building, inviting them to come out and play. I didn’t pick and choose who to call on. Anyone who was not a grownup was invited.

Those times when I was playing with the kids in the building were my happiest. I loved the freedom of being outside, but more than that, I loved the clustered creativity and magical adventures that came from our young imaginations.

Now, much later in my life, I find myself doing much the same thing. Pushing all the buzzers (buttons on my keyboard) and inviting everyone to come out and play. We are still clustering our creativity and letting loose our imaginations. This time, though, instead of or hopscotch or hide-and-seek, we’re playing with magic.


Would you choose a creative existence?