How to create a World of Light

How to create a World of Light

Plant a seed of light and watch it grow and spread until it fills the world.


At the beginning of 2016, I was inspired--by my angels, my muses, by the Divine or perhaps it was just plain insanity--to create what became, 

A World of Light was created in order to shift the focus from the things in our world that were causing fear and anxiety to things about our world that made us feel calm, peaceful and uplifted. So everyday, I would search for something good in the world and post it on and on social media.


What was I thinking!

If I stopped for a second to think about what I was doing, I probably would have given up 10 times over. It’s a YEAR LONG COMMITMENT. I can’t even commit to 2 hour movie. What was I thinking! Truth is … I wasn’t. I followed guidance, pure and simple. I didn’t question - even though I had no clue why I was doing this. I just trusted. I trusted even though the timing was not ideal.

There was a lot happening in my life at the time. We had been struggling with health and money challenges, scrounging even to cover the basics. I had been looking to the Universe for a gift. One that would help ease the burden of the mountain of bills, the emotional stresses and the physical challenges. But the answer I received from the Universe was for me to give a gift.


The gift from the gift

I did come to see the brilliance of that inspiration as the project neared completion. Part of the reason I’d been wanting more in my life is so that I could GIVE MORE. To my children, my family, my friends, my community. This creation allowed me to give a gift grander than any I could hope to buy. It’s a gift of the heart. It’s required me to open my heart in a way I haven’t in a long time. I’m doubly blessed, for in doing so I received a gift from the Universe much grander than any I could hope to receive through mere money.

There was another reason for the creation of this site--a more selfish one. I was seeing my children reacting to the rise in violence by terrorists. I was also noticing people speaking with fear in their voice about the terrors of our world, both manmade and natural. But truth is, it’s not just what I was witnessing that was affecting me. As an empath, I was sensing the rise in fear and anxiety on a much deeper and grander level. At times it felt as if the whole world was experiencing a collective panic attack.


Will you help?

Now here I am 8 years later and I was struck by how uncanny life coming into 2024 is mirroring 2016. The same patterns are repeating. More violence by terrorists that had been affecting my family on a personal level. More global and personal financial challenges. I'm feeling the heightened anxiety and stresses in the world like I did last time. And again I'm being inspired to re-create A World of Light.

Except this time I'm also being inspired to ask for help. To reach out and ask you to look for the light with me and to send me anything you find.

Life in our world can be hard. It doesn’t matter who you are: if you’re rich or poor, if you’re famous or infamous, if you have a purpose and goal in your life or you’re wandering through it aimlessly. What I’ve discovered though is that it doesn’t have to be so hard.

The reality of the world may be fixed but how you view it is fluid. You can choose to shift your perspective and focus on the beauty and light of this world. There is much of it to find if you are looking.


Light is a choice

I created this space to give you a choice as to what you focus on when you begin your day or open up your tech device. I wanted you to have an ad free, conflict free, light filled space to begin your day with or visit when you feel overwhelmed by the “bad news” and want an infusion of light. Set our site as your default home page or stop by as you like for a daily image/message that inspires and uplifts.  Perhaps you will begin see the world in a different LIGHT.

One of the things I discovered during the first iteration of A World of Light the story of a lion who risked her life to protect an orphaned gazelle. If the lioness can rise above her nature and protect the lamb, we can certainly choose to (rise above our hatred and judgement and) live in peace with others of our own kind.


Seeds of Light

There’s enough things in the world to terrify us and darken our spirits.  This is one place that you know you can always come to for lightness and enlightenment.

Each day for the whole of the year 2024, there will be a new seed of light. May they take root in your heart and grow to fill your life.

Please get in touch if you have a seed of light to share.

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