symbiosis + kumbaya = Symbaya

symbiosis: mutually beneficial synergy


kumbaya: harmonious, peaceful collaboration


paradigm shifting creation


The caterpillar does not know herself to be a butterfly but there is something in her that imagines a form beyond any limitations she bumps up against. Beyond what she believes is possible. There is a hidden part who dreams of being dressed in vivid colours and being lifted up in graceful flight.

At first she resists the transformation that is inevitable but her imaginal cells gain strength by clustering together, becoming stronger with each new bond, until her old body dissolves into a formless pool and she enters into metamorphosis.

The caterpillar dies as the butterfly dreams herself into existence.


Woman is the foundation of her home, her family, and her community. In isolation, she can work wonders. But when women cluster together, like the imaginal cells of the caterpillar, there is nothing that is beyond their power to create--within themselves, within their communities, within the world.

Woman's creative essence is as natural as breathing and just as vital to a joyful existence. Left unexpressed it inevitably erupts in grief, depression and anxiety, leaving her feeling lost and without direction, without knowing why.

Deeply spiritual, highly sensitive, imaginative, creative, souls cluster together to nourish, support, inspire and witness the magic that happens when they bond.

When woman joins in sacred circle, she transforms. When she transforms, so does the world.

Re-balancing the Body

Metamorphosis can be uncomfortable.

For the sensitive, creative, spiritual soul who is feeling the shifts of the Universal metamorphosis in their body, get a little help remembering how to tap into the healing elements of the Universe.

  • Carrie from the U.S. says...

    "You remind us that every being has a purpose in this world."

  • J from Maryland says...

    "I don’t know how many people who visit your site actually tell you that they recognize the gift you are co-creating on a daily basis."

  • L from Norway says...

    "You have a gift for blowing my mind again and again. I have come to expect the unexpected."

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