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O.R.B. = Origin Resonance Bubble


When you are in the bliss of Divine Presence, pain dissipates. I gently guide you into that transformational space and the rest happens through that Divine alignment.

○ realign with your origin

        ○ remember who you are

             ○ reorient yourself with the grand plan

              ○ reharmonize with your unique frequency––your soul signature

         ○ resolve your struggle with duality

○ revive your soul's story

When you are in resonance with Origin Energy, pain dissipates and dissonant energies no longer affect you.

We will connect live over zoom in a safe and loving space. My clients tell me that they feel comfortable talking to me about anything. Everything you share is kept as private and sacred. There is nothing that you need to do to prepare and the sessions last approx. 30 minutes.

3 Sessions, 30 minutes each, 1 times a week for 3 weeks

(Contact me to make arrangements for 3 payments of $333 each or save $111 by making one single payment of $888)

"This is the best I have felt in about 6 months!" -- Evi

"My knees feel great today." -- Melanie

"I truly feel it is a special gift that awakened a remembrance in me." -- Annina