There is a part of you that never dies!

You are not mortal. You are magical!


Imagine a place where you don't have to separate the magic parts of your life and the ordinary. Where you feel as safe and comfortable to speak about hugging trees and getting messages from spirit guides as you do about watching the Barbie movie or shopping for a groceries.

Imagine being with people who make you feel normal and perfect as you are but yet inspire you to want more for yourself--to create a life that is beyond the limitations you stay inside because you don't believe anything more than what you have now is possible.

You don't have to choose between your magic and the ordinary.


Just Imagine it...

I'm gathering together a limited group of sensitive, magical creatives for the first Immortal circle set to begin at the Summer Solstice. You will not only begin to grow your magic and be in sacred space with like-hearted soul sisters, but you will have a role in shaping what it becomes.


Inscribed above the entrance to the site of the sacred Oracle of Delphi are the words....

Know Thyself


Pythia was the most renowned priestess of the ancient world, receiving messages directly from the G-ds. To this day, we speak of her still. Why was her most sacred tenet, "Know Theyself"?

Because when you know who you are, you remember your magic!

what is magic?

Magic is all that defies explanation.

Yes its...
dreaming something that comes true;
seeing orbs or angels:
having visions of the future or the past;
knowing things you couldn't possibly have known; or
becoming pregnant when all the doctors said it would never happen.



But it's also...
wishing for a keepsake box for your birthday and your sister showing up at your door with it just hours later;
making the perfect intuitive choice, without any of the necessary facts;
connecting with the Divine through art;
the "always known you" feeling with a stranger or love at first sight;

It is Goddess expressing herself through the extraordinary moments and miracles in our world.
It is the Divine made visible.

You have a story about magic!

Every woman I have ever known has a story of magic and each one hesitates to speak it aloud. Because she not only remembers her magic, she remembers the dangers of speaking openly about it. Both are embedded in her heart and her soul.

In Immortal, you will feel safe and free to share your story. You will become the story.


Magic is a woman's normal

I know myself to be...

an artist

I create with paint and canvas, with pen and paper and as a medicine woman, with energy and light.

When I was a child I believed in magic. I never grew up.

I forgot for while. But the universe reminded me. It took an accident and mysterious illness to wake me up. As no one could figure out what was wrong, I had to learn how to trust myself and heal myself.

I had to remember my magic.


I know you to be...

a woman who is creative, imaginative and full of great ideas

a sensitive soul--perhaps even empathic--who feels all the world in her body

an open hearted woman who always finds herself helping others

a luminary, who models a more authentic version of feminine power

a wise woman--a holder of sacred wisdom.

Are you ready to know yourself more deeply?



Together we will explore your magic...

you may have felt overwhelmed by your sensitive nature but you will come to see your empathic gifts as a great source of your power.

you will free your voice and find the power of your words

as you come into greater knowing of your body, you learn how to hear the messages from the universe

  • earth

  • water

  • fire

  • air

The Elements of Magic

You will explore your magic through the 4 elements...


You will know your sacred self, through body awareness, breath and movement.


You will open your heart. You will be in touch with your feelings. You will know your desires and your purpose.


You will learn the magic of words and create a book of your own personal magical mantras/affirmations. You will come back into harmony with your soul and get in touch with your intuition. You will learn how to heal yourself.


You will learn the language of your dreams and how to hear the messages of the Universe/Divine.

growing your magic

Immortal is an oasis, offering a much needed sip of immortality to those who thirst for a taste of their true essence. It is a sacred space where woman is free to play with magic.

When woman frees her magic, it grows.

What begins as a small oasis in the middle of a desert devoid of magic, expands and becomes your entire world--your everyday--and you are then living a magical existence.

After centuries of dampening her power, woman is remembering who she is...