Dream Journey


Woman's One on One Dream Journey



An Ancient Practice

Woman has forgotten how sacred and healing her dreams are. Dreams don't hold the same importance in modern society as they once did eons ago when women would gather together as a practice and share dreams, gleaning personal wisdom and collective information that was vital to the welfare and protection of their villages.


Personal Messages

Your dreams hold higher wisdom from your soul, messages from the Universe and healing medicine. You might need a little help remembering and understanding them. Your dreams can offer answers when you are at a crossroads in your life, wisdom when you are struggling in a relationship, inspiration with creative projects or practical income generating insights for the business you are running or starting. They can even offer healing medicine for your well being. 


What is Dream Journeying?

Dream Journeying is a way of exploring our dreams to find their deeper meaning. As we do so, we reconnect with our dream self and with the dreamer collective.


Joining with the Dreamer

When we unify our waking and the dreaming self, our dreams become a portal to Higher Wisdom and Divine Guidance.


Dream Medicine

Through our dreams we can receive healing medicine that can only be accessed from the dream state.


Crystal Dreaming

We add an even greater dimension to this journey when we bring in the STone Beings in to help us remember and understand our dreams and to go deeper into their messages.



When the body sleeps, the soul plays ...

When the lights go out and our eyes close and the world gets quiet, a whole other dimension of our life opens up. While our body may be resting and our conscious mind is silent, our spirit is playing. During that magical time our soul is involved in magical creations and travelling between dimensions and receiving divine messages.

It is possible to awaken to that part of yourself and bring back pieces of our adventures and remember the messages we received.

That's what a small group of soulfully, sensitive sisters are going to be doing as we come together in the ancient practice of sacred circle to reconnect with our dream self and learn to understand her.


Do you know that you are a natural born dream reader?

Woman has an innate ability to decipher her dreams. She has all the elements in her very essence - her intuition, her empathy, her ability to listen deeply, her awareness of life’s interconnectedness. She just needs to reconnect to this very important part of herself - her dream self. That's what you'll be doing in circle with other like hearted souls as you dream yourself awake.


but it's just a Dream

Dreams are a big part of human existence and an important aspect of who you are, yet they are often dismissed as inconsequential. 

• Have you been told or have you told yourself ... "it's just a dream"?

• Do your dreams feel mysterious and confusing, causing you to give up making sense of them?

• Do you hide from your dreams - or even sleep itself - because you have so many nightmares that sleep terrifies you?

Sharing and shedding light on your dreams in a safe space will take the fear and confusion out of Dreamtime and allow you to access your dream treasures.


Dream Treasures

When women gather together in sacred circle the power of their individual magic gets amplified.

• You are going to discover the power of your dreams and access an untapped fountain of wisdom and guidance.

• You will receive surprising perspectives that will help you to make sense of your dreams.

• You will discover how valuable your insights are to the other sacred dreamers in our circle.

I missed an important message

Once I discovered the hidden treasure in dreamtime, I began to go deep into exploring dreams. I joined the most spiritual dream circle I could find but it didn’t hold the deeper magic that my soul was craving. Sometimes the guidance I received took me further from the truth.

I had a dream that held the answer I had been looking for. This dream showed me, clearly and unequivocally, what my life path was but I didn't recognize it because I didn't have the right support. Instead I let it go and it took me 10 years or so to fully realize what my dream was telling me - EVEN THOUGH IT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN CLEARER.

I became furious with the Dream Expert who's advice was to lead me in the complete opposite direction of my "dream" (the one I had in my sleep AND the one I had for my soul's purpose). My reaction alone should have shown me that I should not listen to this Dream Expert and I didn't but because he was an "expert", I didn't trust the clear message that I'd been given.


Once I trusted myself enough to listen to the message, a hidden desire to author a book rose to the surface of my thoughts and took priority in my life and a 20 + year project came to completion. (I finished writing this part at 11:11:11)


I felt powerfully inspired to form my own dream share circle in order to empower women - not only to trust the messages that come through - but to trust their own knowing of what they mean. I have been gestating that dream for years and this year the guidance to begin was so powerful - that I could no longer put it off and this offering came into presence.

Click the play button below to hear about the vision for Dream Sharing:



The Gifts

• I will give you tools that the experts use to interpret dreams. You will be able to start applying these methods to your dreams after the first session.

• Through dream share, you will access messages from your soul and the Universe.

• You will hone your intuitive listening skills by bringing awareness to your dreams and by listening to the dreams and insights of other wise women.

• The most important thing you will receive is self empowerment so that you will feel confident in deciphering your dreams.



Dream Speak

We each have our own personalized symbols and "dialect" of dream speak and what is true for one may be completely different for the other. Yes, there are some symbols that are universal but if you become more in touch with your heart and your sacred "sleep talk", then you will not need to know the meanings of those symbols. They can of course be interesting and helpful at times but all that you need is right there in your own heart. Together we will re-learn how to understand our own personal dream language. 


Sacred Trust

All that is shared in our dream reading is done so in sacred trust and without judgement. 


Private Space

We connect over Zoom in a safe and and loving space. We create a pocket of sacred space in which to explore your dreams and with the intention to connect to the most significant message the dream has for you.

The sharing of dreams dates back thousands of years. 

We are bringing back the ancient practice of gleaning wisdom, messages and medicine from our dreams.