Collection: The Art of Creation

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Creativity is as natural as breathing and just as essential to life. Left unexpressed it inevitably erupts in grief, depression and anxiety, leaving you feeling lost and without direction, without knowing why.

Woman was created to create. When she is not expressing that part of herself, she does not feel complete.

What magic and wisdom are you keeping from the world?

Deeply spiritual, highly sensitive, imaginative, creative, souls come together to nourish, support, inspire and witness the magic of that happens when women come together to create. That is the secret to finally finishing your magnum opus and feeling fulfilled in your purpose...creating together!


magic happens

YES! Of course you want the million $$$ book deal or the 7 figure business, but more than that, you want to share your magic with the world. You NEED an outlet for your creative ideas. But life gets in the way and distractions lead you astray. Though you promise yourself you're going to make time for your creation, something always seems to come up. This is a story many women share. Until we let go of going it alone and find our kindred community, That's when we will finally finish what we started.

Over and over again, women say that they get more done in an hour of creating in circle than they do in a whole week of working solo. Something truly magical happens when women come together to create!