Soul-ar Storms

Soul-ar Storms

Radiation from the most intense solar storms in 11 years is wreaking havoc on our bodies and there is much we can do to help ourselves.


Magnetic pull

We know that our moon’s pull affects the tides. If we’re paying attention, we will notice the effects of these gravitational forces in our bodies as well—especially during the new and full phases when gravitational forces are at their peak. Since we are made of mostly water, it makes sense that we will feel the moon’s pull.

The sun also influences us. It’s gravitational pull on the tides may only be about half of that of the moon but it is still significant. So then why wouldn’t we feel the sun’s effects as well—especially during powerful phases in its cycle. It just so happens that we are nearing one of the sun’s most powerful phases—solar maximum.


Solar Maximum

Our Sun is in a perpetual state of flux, cycling from calm to chaotic every 11 (or so) years as its magnetic field become tangled and its poles reverse. We are nearing solar maximum, the height of activity, so there will be more solar storms, solar flares and eruptions of plasma.


The Empath Effect

Those of us who are most sensitive—the empaths especially—feel the shifts in the universe as easily as we feel the moods and intents of the people in our orbit. It’s not surprising that we would be noticing solar events in our bodies and our hearts.

The past month the sun has been quite turbulent, expelling some of the strongest solar flares in 7 years. I have noticed that the days I was experiencing migraines and intense emotions, as well as heightened intuition and creativity, aligned with powerful solar events. I heard from several people, sensitive and not, of similar experiences.


What can we do?

I asked the universe to show me how to bring my body back into harmony after being knocked off balance by the solar storms and I was given a few things in response.



These are several crystals who can help us with solar radiation from intense storms.

Snowflake Obsidian can help dampen the disharmonic frequencies that wreak havoc on our energy fields.

Lepidolite Books are a fusion of paper thin layers of translucent sheets of mica. They act as a shield that blocks emfs but also, allows the beneficial frequencies to slip through. 

Often called Orbicular jasper, Ocean Jasper reminds the body how to create an energetic net to filter out disruptive frequencies.

Copal, a crystalized tree resin, can slow down the intense energies that our bodies are being bombarded with during geomagnetic storms.


Energetic Cleanse

An energetic cleanse can help you to release any disharmonious frequencies that you are holding in your body, from any source--not just those from solar storms. 

Star Songs are my go-to for a Soul Cleanse and Realignment when I'm thrown out of balance or in physical distress. They always shift me back into my power. An ORB Alignment takes me back into harmony with Source energy, strengthening me at my core. I was also shown a new technique for a Karma Cleanse that I am currently testing with some trusting community members, which you are invited to join.


This is the key 

Most important thing we can do to stay in harmony and balance in our body is to know our bodies. For the past year or so, I've been experimenting with a new practice that the Universe gifted me with. It's simple, easy and feels amazing. I begin every day with it and the immediate and cumulative benefits have been profound. I'm feeling more confident, more connected to my body and the earth, more comfortable in my skin, more in touch with my magic and power than ever before. I call this practice the Sacred Self. I'm beginning to teach this practice to a small group of beta testers. Click here to sign up to receive information and updates.



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