living liquid

living liquid

Hello my friends,

I’m going to introduce you to the world of essential oils from a unique perspective. I want to show you that they are living, conscious energies and not just skin care products. They are of great benefit to the body in many ways – skin care is one for sure – but they are so much more than that. I’m going to dedicate my time, my energy and this space to sharing with you what I’ve learned about these precious gifts from the earth.

I was actually planning on letting go of my essential oil business.

I was going to send one final newsletter … thanking my customers for being part of my journey. I wouldn’t stop using the oils. They’ve been a source of nourishment and pleasure in so many aspects of my life that I suspect I’ll always have them around. Contemplating that, I had this epiphany. I realized that I benefited so greatly from the essential oils and learned so much from them, that I had to share what I know. So that’s what I plan to do.

When I first began using the essential oils, I would have loved having someone to learn from and I would have been so grateful to have a trusted source of truly pure essential oils. I had been feeling very drawn to them. There was a connection that was there even before I was aware of it. I was conscious enough to know that what I was looking for would not be found at the local health food store. I searched the internet and I spent years and lots of $$$ trying to find that special oil. Honestly, I didn’t even know what I was looking for. I only knew that what I’d been exposed to until then was not it.

Then I stumbled upon what most people are not even aware exists …
pure, unadulterated, ethically produced, hand poured, co-created essential oils. I’ll be telling you what all those words mean and why they are important over the next while through my light logs. And I’ll be sharing an amazing story as to how the oils themselves led me to this life changing discovery.

So for now … I will continue offering the oils. I’m going to be for you what I so wished I had when I started my journey with the oils. You can count on me to be that trusted source for these very precious oils and for guidance and direction. It’s the complete opposite of what I thought I’d be telling you today but it is exactly what I’m inspired to do.

I’m wondering now if my Angelic guides had something to do with me changing my mind about closing up shop.

I’ve been smelling lavender these past few days and the Angels often fill the air with that heavenly scent to let me know they are present. Btw. there’s no lavender around me. In fact I’ve had other essential oils defusing the air that smell nothing like lavender … coffee and yellow mandarin is what I’ve been keeping company with.

Whatever the source of my inspiration, I’m going with it. Through this log, I’ll be sharing stories and insight into the oils that will benefit you in body, mind and spirit. There is so much depth and dimension to these wondrous liquids. I’ll be telling you things about the essential oils that you likely won’t hear anywhere else. You will see that you have many, many natural and effective options available to make your life richer, healthier and more peaceful. Most of what I share will come from my direct experience with the oils and sometimes from the spirit of the essences themselves. I think you’ll find that this information will be of benefit to you beyond just the use of oils.

I welcome your questions and I invite you to share your own stories about your meaningful experiences with the oils.

You know how to get in touch.

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