Hero's Heart Star Song

Hero's Heart Star Song

A Star Song called Heart’s Hero recently came into presence here. Each time I experience a Star Song, I receive a gift and each gift is different. I want to share with you the magic that came from this Angelic essence. I just need to find the right words to describe it.

First came a really lovely energy … a warmth that might be described as a loving welcome … a feeling of importance and belonging. A “red carpet” type of welcome. I think it is something we all crave at some level and why star studded awards ceremonies are so attractive to us. We may not all want the fame but who doesn’t want to feel adored and important. That feel good vibration was just one part of the gift of this Angel Essence.

A realization had been slowly dawning on me. It was that when I don’t feel a warm welcome when I enter a space that it is not personal. It’s not a reflection of my worth. That was kind of big and worth exploring more deeply. Because how can it be anything other than personal if it is about me? How is it not personal when we are not made to feel like we belong? If we do not feel seen, heard and accepted how is it not personal?

It certainly feels personal when we show up at someone’s home and we receive a cold reception.

It feels personal when we put our hearts and souls into a creation and we don’t get the oooohs and ahhhhhs that we say we don’t want or need but by which we judge ourselves.

It feels personal when we pour out our hearts and the acknowledgement and empathy we look for doesn’t follow.

It feels personal when the invitation we were awaiting doesn’t arrive.

It feels personal when we don’t get the job we applied for or the clients we’ve been trying to attract.

It feels personal when the the money we need doesn’t flow in as quickly as the bills pile up.

Sometimes it even feels personal when it rains or when a dog barks at us or when our tech glitches.

How is it not personal? I mean these things are about me after all – so how can I not take it personally?

First let’s just be clear about what is it that happens when we take something to heart? What is that sinking painful feeling? Is it about wanting to be worthy – about feeling like you failed somehow and taking on blame and shame for that failure? I wonder if deep down it isn’t the same for all of us … wanting to have a sense of belonging but feeling forsaken. This may not be hard for us to understand but understanding our pain can’t always take us out of it. And that’s when an outer source of support can be key. The Star Songs are where I reach out first. They can spark a shift in us at very deep level. They help to fuse the connection between the understanding of the mind and the awareness of our highest self. That is what the Hero’s Heart Star Song did for me.

So it was truly lovely when the energy of that vibrant warmth flowed in to my heart. It was like heart candy. But the real “star” of this “song” was the awareness that came with that feeling. It came from understanding that the warm welcome that I was craving – that we all crave – didn’t come from outside of me… it WAS me.

That was the answer. I can’t look to others to make me feel welcome. I must search for the feeling of belonging within. That’s always the answer.

Remember that what I receive from the Star Song will likely be different than what you will receive or experience. They gift you with what you most need in the moment and for each of us that will be unique. And the energy of the Star Songs are cumulative … each time you experience a Star Song another layer of light is revealed and you come closer to vibrating in alignment with your light body.



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