Feeling Scent

Feeling Scent

Did you know that essential oils have a deep emotional impact on us?

Essential oils are known for their therapeutic effects on the physical body and their use in perfumery but are you aware how deeply they can affect you on an emotional level? Our sense of smell comes from the most ancient and primitive part of our brain (the limbic system), believed to be the seat of emotion. Scent reaches our emotions before they are registered by the mind. It’s a primal response.

Sure there is evidence that aroma has a powerful effect on our spirits, but we don’t need science to tell us this … we’ve experienced the power of scent a million times over … through our food, in our physical bodies and in our environment. We may not be fully aware of the extent that these scents have on us at an emotional level, but we certainly feel it. Marketing companies are quite aware of the power of fragrances on the emotions and they use this knowledge to sell products. Stores pump in fragrances to evoke emotions that will entice us to spend more money. Real estate agents have cookies baking during an openhouse to help create a homey feeling and close a sale. Smells at medical offices and hospitals evoke anxiety and fear in us. Socially we are attracted to or repelled by certain odours. We are undeniably affected by aroma.


I’ve been giving some deep thought to this aspect of working with the oils but the aha moment came when I stopped thinking and began listening to the plants themselves. You can get answers about the oils by reading about them or from people who have experience with them but the deepest insights come straight from the plant people. They’ve shown me that the essence of what I am wanting to express to you is found in a direct experience I’m currently having with them.


I recently discovered that citrus oils can help with the absorption of vitamin D. I’ve been using a lime oil in conjunction with my D supplement – which has been working quite nicely. I’ve also been instinctively drawn to diffusing red mandarin to raise my spirits. The citrus oils are known to be emotionally uplifting. I’ve been contemplating this parallel. The sun’s retreat in the winter months have many of us feeling S.A.D. And the citrus trees offer us their sunshine scents as a gift to help us with missing elements during the sun’s absence, both on the physical and emotional levels. I’m finding it quite fascinating that the oils have this layered effect, providing support on the different levels of our being. So the same oil that helps us with a specific physical issue can also support us with emotions that arise from that same issue. This helps us to better understand the oils and what they can do for us.

When you become aware of how powerfully aroma can affect your emotions, you can intentionally and purposefully fill your environment with scents that will have a positive effect in your life. It is important that the scents are pure and chemical free In order to be of benefit. Otherwise you’re just breathing in chemicals. Artificial fragrances do not have the same positive effect on our emotions and they are actually detrimental to our physical bodies. Synthetic scents may work temporarily to manipulate us but they won’t create the deep emotional response that a pure natural aroma will. They won’t have a lasting therapeutic effect on us at any level. Not physically, not mentally and certainly not emotionally. If you’re looking to reach into your emotions for positive impact without harmful side effects, you’ll want to work with the purest aromas.

If you are a “Sensitive One” or a “Light Guide”, it is even more important that you use pure unadulterated oils. When you are relating to the world as light and energy from a conscious connection that is in alignment with your spirit body, then you will want to work with elements that are in harmony with you. When you choose oils that are consciously co-created in ceremony and bottled with loving intention, it really makes a difference – especially when you move past the physical level and into the emotional and spiritual aspects of well being. But I encourage you to experiment with this and see for yourself. Take notice of how you feel in the presence of pure co-created oils compared to the less expensive mass produced adulterated oils.


It is a challenge to find truly pure and consciously co-created essences. Many of the essential oils on the market are adulterated. That is why you may sometimes get headaches from essential oils. You may mistakenly believe that you are reacting to the essential oils themselves when really you’re being affected by the chemicals left in the oils during processing or synthetic fragrances added to make them more cost effective. I searched for a long time before I came upon a truly trusted source of high vibrational aromas. I want you to have access to these magnificent essences – especially those of you are working with them on the emotional and spiritual levels. They can be key elements in accelerating the awakening process. I am here to help you to connect with pure co-created essential oils of the highest vibrations.

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