Three golden Amber stones came together to co-create a monthly Star Song. When the Amberlight Star Song came into presence, I felt an energy from this essence. Meaning I literally felt energized and an increase in my vitality. Thinking about this, It makes sense as the crystal co-creator is Amber and Amber is so light. To be light is to be free of weight - be it physical weight or the weight of life's burden. Being free of that weight frees up energy. Again it doesn't matter if it is physical weight, dense emotions or heavy thoughts - all that heaviness is draining to our energy. So it's no wonder that I'm feeling so light.

What then came as a surprise was how grounded I felt despite feeling this lightness. I noticed this when I practiced my morning movement. I'd never felt so rooted. That surprised me because of how light Amber is. If you’ve ever held it in your hand, it is like holding nothing. So how is it that this almost weightless stone offers to hold us down so beautifully to the earth?

I’ve worked with Amber before and I haven’t noticed its grounding effect before. It could be that in its form as a Star Song, it becomes a grounding force. Or it could be that these 3 specific Amber stones hold that as part of the energy that they create when they come together. Whatever the reason, I can't deny the effect.

Amberlight has been surprising me. There was another surprise to come as I remembered the intensity of my dream the night this Star Song was in presence. In the dream I released a lot of anger - I mean a lot of anger. I woke up feeling drained and melancholy. Now that I think of it. I was really tired the whole next day. The Star Song completed early-ish in the morning and the whole day I was feeling sleepy. I remember a green bean falling on the floor when I was preparing dinner and I left it there because I didn’t have the energy to pick it up. Now I understand that my body needed to rest as I shifted through the aftermath of the anger I released.

As I tell you this story of my experience with Amberlight, I realize something fascinating. It began with me feeling light and energized and it completed with me feeling heavy and drained. This essence showed me how to feel weightless and yet utterly and completely anchored to the earth. It revealed itself at opposite ends of its spectrum and allowed me to feel its duality. In an almost paradoxical way, being able to experience these extreme opposites takes you beyond duality and into unity energy. It shows you oneness. It is a beautiful gift. 


I'm sure there will be more gifts to come from this essence as it continues to emanate its magic … even after it has completed in physical form. That's the way of this mystical medicine. I never know what magic will be created through the Star Songs. Each one has their own characteristics and their unique gift to share. But each time, without exception, I experience something special. It is as if the more often I am exposed to the light of these alchemical essences, the more I embody this light.

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