Day 98

Day 98


Community Fridge

Spain's outdoor Solidarity Fridge supplies leftovers from the community in a compassionate, dignified and responsible way to those who are hungry.

"The idea for a Solidarity Fridge started with the economic crisis—these images of people searching dumpsters for food—the indignity of it. That's what got me thinking about how much food we waste," said Alvaro Saiz, who used to run a food bank for the poor in Galdakao. From there he moved onto his next project, living in a yurt and building a hospital for handicapped children.

This community project started in 2015. After that first one, Solidarity fridges sprung up across Spain, with locations in Valencia and Barcelona, as well as smaller towns and villages throughout the country.

Since then other community fridges started popping up across the world becoming a global movement. There are some in New York. There’s the Love Fridge in Chicago. In 2016 Hubbub set up their first community fridge in a Derbyshire in the UK and by 2021 had 150. Inspired by Hubbub, Japan opened their first community fridge in 2020.

There is great power for change that begins with one person in one community.



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