Day 75

Day 75


Sisters of the Tree

I heard Clare Dubois tell her story in an interview today. She talked about how as a young person she had nightmares of a world without clouds. This concern for the earth led her to live an environmentally conscious life, but it was after a car accident, where a tree stopped her from going off the road, when she had the epiphany of a global organization of restoring trees to the earth.

“I swerved on black ice on a steep hill and was saved from going over an edge by a tree that stopped me. At the moment of impact, there was a bright light inside the car, and inside the light were two words, ‘THE EXPERIMENT’.

I sat dumbfounded, staring at the words, and then a male voice started talking to me as if someone had literally switched on the radio inside the car.

The voice said: “Humanity is running out of time, but it’s not over yet. It’s going to take all of us rising to the challenge to get through what’s coming. The single greatest threat facing humanity is fear of failure, but you can get over the fear of failure by calling everything you do an experiment because you can’t fail an experiment you can only learn.”

At that moment, thinking that was probably possibly the best life lesson any disembodied voice had ever given me, I asked, “What’s the experiment?” And back came the words “You have to reforest the tropics within 10 years.”

Overwhelmed by the enormity of this directive and not believing she could do this, Clare went into a deep depression for 9 months (depression or gestation?) and then finally said yes to founding TreeSisters, which, as of this moment, have planted over 28 million trees.

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