Day 174 of a World of Light

Day 174 of a World of Light


An accidental manmade wonder

Six-foot-tall, brightly colored geysers that spew boiling water over five feet into the air in the middle of the Nevada desert

Two hours north of Reno, on the edge of the Nevada Black Rock Desert is the Fly Ranch owned by the Burning Man Project and home to a remarkable geyser.

In 1964, when a test well was left uncapped, scalding hot water shot over 5 feet in the air from the well hole and calcium carbonate deposits formed 3 mounds. These vivid multi-coloured geysers are almost 6 feet tall now and are still spewing water and still growing.

Quartz has been found inside the mounds which is unusual because it typically takes quartz around 10,000 years to form inside geysers.


Fly Geyser from Justin Majeczky on Vimeo.

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