Star Song - Inner Alchemy

There is so much that is wondrous in this world.  Much that has yet to be revealed and discovered.  Sometimes we have to travel far to find the wonders and sometimes they come to us.  Sometimes the wonders come to us and we don't even realize it.  They come right to our doorstep.  They ring the bell and they wait ... they wait and they wait, until we eventually see them.  That's what happened here.  Water began to sing to me ... they've been singing to me for a long time ... but finally I began to truly listen and they showed me something ... well ... wondrous (I'm going to overuse this word but I don't know how else to describe it).  They sang to me of a magical metamorphosis - not their own metamorphosis - (at least not only theirs) but of ours.  It is a WONDROUS time in the history of our planet.  It's a magical time.  We're discovering truths that we once believed to be impossible.  We're transforming in ways we don't even yet realize.  It's happening to all of us.  It's happening now.

WATER ... a metamorphic substance

Water ... it is one the most abundant substances on our planet and one of the most mysterious.  Water is a metamorphic substance ... the only known substance that can transform between all physical states of being ... liquid, solid (ice) and as an invisible gas (vapour).  As well water also exists in a LIQUID CRYSTAL state.  Water has been singing to me.  They've been showing me how to co-create "essences" of pure natural spring water partnered with the colour of light's rainbow rays.  They've been showing me how to transform water ... to reveal its hidden rainbow and re-sequence these layers of colour, more poetically called "layering light".  When I drank that water and used it on my skin and offered it to others to do the same, amazing things began to happen.  I don't know how or why ... I simply trusted and went with the flow.  Water has revealed to me it's interconnectedness ... how even one drop of water is connected to all water - in any part of the world, including the water in our bodies.


Most of the water in the universe is created as a byproduct of star formation.  WATER and STARS are made of the same stuff ...  a s    a r e    w e .  We are living stars.  So it is fitting that the name I've been given for these watery elixirs is "Star Song".  You see, the world aches to be known.  Each one of us wanting to be SEEN and recognized and celebrated.  Each of us, in our own way, want to be STARS.  Well hold on to your glitz and glamour, cuz we are ALREADY STARS.  In the the deepest and most profound sense, YOU ARE A STAR!  You are known.  You are seen.  You are celebrated.  By the entire UNIVERSE.  By creation itself.  You've got their attention ... now DO YOUR THING ... SHOW YOURSELF.  These Star Songs came into creation, not to help you to become a STAR, but to help you to SEE that you already are.  They help you to be SEEN, but not by others outside yourself ... they help you to SEE YOURSELF.

WASP SONG - clarity from a winged visitor

A very unlikely visitor came from far away to share a song and offer more insight into the Star Songs.  We unknowingly carried a Wasp home with us from a trip out of town.  I was troubled that I'd taken this sweet being so far from his home, but when I listened to his song, I was assured that he came here by choice and for a specific purpose.  He came to offer insight and clarity to the mysterious Star Songs coming into presence here.   This is an excerpt from his song:

"You are not layering light to heal anything or anyone.  Just as your creator did not create you out of need, or to fix anything or to change or control anything.  You were created purposefully out of an expression of pure love.  That’s what [these Star Songs] are ... an expression of pure love.  That’s why they are so powerful.  They do not come into being to “heal” as there is nothing to heal.  They are a simple pleasure.  A taste (a reminder) of pure love.  ... these tastes of pure ethereal [layered light] open you to that part of yourself that you locked up long ago.  They activate, or reactivate rather, your original blueprint - the original you - beneath the layers of untruths and false beliefs.  Your core chemistry ... YOUR BASE ELEMENT ... THIS IS TRUE ALCHEMY!

While Co-creating a Star Song, this symbol arose from a water droplet!  This is the symbol for Star Songs



I've been led to offer these metamorphic elixirs to people to try and see what happens and I've been amazed at the results.  People have been coming back to me with stories of pain disappearing, enhanced energy and deep shifts in lifetime patterns.   I personally have seen physical shifts in the form of  the disappearance of a chronic rash and a powerful transition out of full body chemical reaction (and much more).   It's been a surprise, though it shouldn't be after what I've learned.  As we release our tight grip on the costumes that hide us, we free up more of our energy - energy that is needed to sustain our physical existence.  As these layers are dropped, more light is allowed to shine through and be reflected out.  That light (whether it is seen to come from outside of us or known to come from within) boosts our energy levels even further.  The body is a beautiful, intelligent creation and when we don't interfere with it's natural rhythms, will work with ease and in harmony.  So as these heavy layers (blocks) are released, it's no wonder that pain is eased and higher levels of energy are experienced.


The Star Songs can be custom co-created for anyone, anywhere in the world as the water does not need to be taken internally - nor does it even need to be in your physical presence.  As I said, water is showing us something about their being that is not commonly known.  All water is connected.  They are ONE being.  So if you touch water in one part of the world, you are touching every living drop of water in the UNIVERSE.  As our physical bodies are made up of mostly water, we are also touched.


Allow your Soul to guide your experience with your Star Song.  There is no right or wrong way to "take" your Star Song Potion.

If you have your Star Song there physically with you, then you may choose to drink it, to meditate with it, to pour it in your bath water or on your skin .  You may even choose to sing to it or have it sing to you.  Your only limitation is that of your own imagination.  We are guided to tell you this though ... however you choose to use it, please do so by midnight of the day it was co-created for you.

If your Star Song is co-created for you remotely, there is nothing to be done.  However simply being is often more difficult than doing and may be a challenge for some.  If you wish to feel more connected in the process, you may pour yourself a glass of water on the morning that your Star Song is coming into presence and use it as guided, knowing that it as your actual Star Song.

THERE can be no harmful effects as it is JUST PURE WATER that's been energetically "transformed".  Nothing physical touches or comes into contact with the water - except the sparkling lead-free, hand-blown European Crystal that holds these essences in vessels as pure and un-influencing as possible.

:  The Star Songs did not come into presence to heal/cure any ill.  The transformation happens through YOU.  The Star Songs are simply one of the many paths to connect to your innate, powerful and true self.  They help you to remember who you are and how to tap into your own hidden power.  The testimonials that are shared come from actual personal experiences that people have shared with me in their own words.  I don't know how or why they have the effects that they do.  I simply trust the blessing that they are.