Signs from the Universe

From the moment you’re born, you are searching for your place in the world. The universe sends signs and messages to guide you, but you don’t always see or understand them.

What if the direction from the Universe was clearly mapped out and you knew the right path to take and could see undeniably where you were headed!

Divine Amnesia

The human being dreams of travelling and exploring the world.

The soul dreams of being a human being.

But to truly get the full human experience, we must forget that we are divine beings.

Sometimes life in corporeal form feels like the opposite of a vacation. It can feel limited, boring, exhausting, mundane, hard, uncomfortable, even painful. We can feel lost, alone and afraid—even in cities surrounded by millions and even in families that are loving and supportive. Because even with this Divinely bestowed amnesia, part of us remembers the bliss and freedom of having a celestial light body. And compared to that, the human experience feels like a prison sentence.

Remembering our Divine Origin brings Freedom!

understanding the messages

The Universe did not drop us onto the earth and abandon us. You are being guided and watched over through each step of the Journey. Your tour of planet earth comes with a roadmap to chart your course as well as guides and interpreters to help navigate the terrain understand the strange languages. And while you are away from home, the universe sends postcards reminding you of how much you are loved and missed.

Life gets easier and more fun when you know how to spot the many signposts along the way, recognize your guides and understand the messages that are always being sent.

surrounded by magic

You are surrounded by an entourage of ethereal guides—watching out for you, guiding you, teaching you, nurturing you, healing you, loving you.

When you remember that, you will feel more confident and supported in all that you do.

I am an intuitive. I’ve been listening to the whispers of the Universe ever since an abrupt awakening following a physical trauma 3 decades ago. I have the gift of seeing messages cleverly concealed in repeating patterns. I have learned the sacred language of the soul in answer to the whispers of the universe.

I guide magical, creative women who are ever evolving and expanding beyond the constrictions of a physical existence on a journey to find and figure out the mysterious messages the universe is always sending.

  • “You have a gift for blowing my mind, again and again. I have come to expect the unexpected with your orders, though always magical and harmonic.“

    —L, Norway

  • “You are a beautiful spirit and the joy emanates through your site, your messages and in the energy I experience every day.”

    —Chris, North Carolina

  • "I’m trying to find words but i can’t. Never have i had so much come up at once, realisations, now it all makes sense."

    ––Jan, New Zealand

The Journey

Your Soul-ar Chart is a private 1:1, 3 week experience/journey to help you reorient yourself in the universe so that you know exactly where you’re going and how to get there.

Together we map out your soul-ar chart and draw out the lyrics of your soul song reorienting you between your Divine origin and earthly purpose and finally feeling at home here on earth.

By becoming aware of the signs posts that have been placed on your path and responding to their guidance, you are answering the universe’s messages. When you respond to that guidance, the universe answers back. Instead of it being a one way dialogue, it becomes a conversation.

When you feel the presence of the creator in everyday life, you will feel guided and supported in all that you do. (In all aspects of life). You will know that life has meaning and that your existence has purpose.

We create this chart together. You bring the story of your life. I draw out the patterns that reveal your path and the listen for the lyrics to your soul song.

Singing your song everyday reminds you that you are not doing this thing called life alone and takes you into the experience the feeling of being home in this alien human body.

  • 1. Initial Consultation
    We meet together over zoom for 60 to 90 minutes. We delve deep into finding the ways that the universe has been speaking to you and all the ways it has been supporting you.

  • 2. Mapping your Soul-ar Chart
    Over the next 1-3 weeks, I do a deep dive into all the elements of your journey and the lyrics of your Soul-ar chart emerge.

  • 3. Second Consultation
    We meet again to go over the lyrics of your soul songs. You get to test them out and feel if they resonate.

  • 4. Fine Tuning your Chart
    Then over the next 1-3 weeks, I gather together all the elements of your Soul-ar Chart into a R.O.A.D. map that I will give you.

  • 5. Final Consultation
    I present your Soul-ar Chart and go over how to get the most out of your R.O.A.D. map, so you can begin your conversation with the universe and set life shifting synchronicities in motion.

  • Just the beginning!

    This is just the beginning. The real magic happens over the next year as you begin to experience the profound effects of a conscious dialogue with the Universe.

How magical you are!

While you are looking for exciting adventures to take you away from mundane existence, you miss seeing that you are already on the greatest, most exciting journey possible—that of the soul in a human body. The fact that divine life can be contained in a physical body is miraculous. Imagine being able to put sunlight in a bottle and you will get an inkling of how magical you are.