Return to a state of oneness through LIGHT

l e t t  i n g   g o  a n d   l e t t i n g   l i g h t 

When you hold fear and stress and worry and uncertainty and regret in your body, these energies act like brick and mortar and block the flow of light in your body. As you remove the bricks and dissolve the mortar, light is able to move through you more freely and more easily. When your light flows without resistance that is when you will feel your best and be your best. It is when you will finally step out of the painful patterns playing on a loop and begin to choose each step on your path purposefully. When you live your life in conscious awareness, you take back your power, you live truthfully and you honour your highest purpose.

We offer you a choice of simple soul guided mediums with which to dissolve the hard layers and return to a state of light ...

l e t   g o   a n d   l e t   l i g h t.