Messages from Spirit

Interdimensional communications via ethereal orbs.

The Universe has a message for you.  Several in fact.  Your Divine Source is always talking to you, gently communicating and offering it's messages of love and guidance.  The messages are pure and clear, but you must be listening for them.  They are not always easy to hear amidst the noise and distraction of this physical realm.  But they are continuously broadcasting and they will continue to be transmitted until you've heard them.  There are not deadlines or expiry dates. 

I've somehow always sensed this silent conversation, but messages from my guides and a vision I received, really put things in a new perspective for me.  I saw an ethereal Post Office with inboxes containing wispy orbs that held the message until it was retrieved.  This image sparked a deep and dormant awareness that will stay with me forever.  I understand this magical communication and silent language much more deeply now.  I see that these "orbs" which hold within them our special messages, hang in the balance between worlds until they are received.  They remain with us until they are heard.

I've been listening to the silent song of the Universe and bringing through messages for a long time, without realizing.  My awareness of what it was I was doing began with the first "song" from the stone beings, and following that, I was receiving messages from all kinds of beings.  It was something I did naturally.  I didn't even realize I was "doing anything". At some point, I began to listen purposefully and record (write down) these "songs" (messages) I heard.  As I began to do this intentionally, I noticed that from time to time, I would receive unexpected messages for specific people.  In retrospect, I see that I've been hearing these "messages" all my life. However, because I didn't trust myself and what I was hearing, I dismissed those messages or buried them inside.

The thing with building trust is that it becomes harder to deny the messages and guidance that the Universe is sending you. As much as I resisted this new path I was being led towards, I could no longer ignore the messages.  They were coming through loud and clear. The Universe in her grace was patient with me.  She was gently guiding me into this new official "vocation" if you want to call it that.  She did not leave me high and dry.  She sent spirit guides to show me the way.  One in particular came to me in a dream and then in meditation gently easing me into this new path.  She was the English Medicine Woman and she had a gift for me.  She conferred on me her title, and all that came with it.  It was not something I was seeking.  The Universe had been keeping me busy enough. However, this was not an offer that I could say no to.  It would be like denying who I am.  That didn't stop me from resisting.  I resisted plenty.  But I finally said yes ... yes to my guide - yes to the gift she was giving me - yes to retrieving the messages that are drifting in the ethers waiting to be heard.

I do believe that you can hear your own messages.  I devote much of my time to encouraging people to trust their inner voice and hone their listening skills. However, sometimes the noise is overwhelming and we want a little help hearing the messages that are waiting for us.  That's when you can call on me.


1.  Just the message, pure and simple, through email.

2.  Handwritten on Card (or Parchment Paper and then sent to you read tech free).