Embodying Gratitude

I am grateful

An ancient jewish prayer of gratitude

In my spiritual tradition we begin each day with a blessing of gratitude. Upon awakening, the first thought and the first words are of thanks to the Creator for gifting us with this new day. But it is not just a one way thing … in this blessing as we express our faith in our Creator, we also remember that our Creator has faith and trust in us.


Confidence and Connected

It fills us with an incredible confidence and feeling of support to begin each day knowing we have the trust and faith of our Creator to take with us. When we wake up each morning knowing and trusting that we are on a path with a purpose, destined to bring an energy to this world that is desired and needed, we can focus all our energy on this purpose. It may be that we are not aware of what this purpose is, but we can have faith and trust that it is being fulfilled with each of our days and each of our experiences. We can realize that each moment is part of what will be the history of our destiny.


Mystically Magnified

As a deeply mystical and spiritual soul, I have received wisdom and guidance about how to say this prayer in a way that magnifies our confidence – not with an egoic haughtiness – but with a deep and abiding trust in our purpose and our ability to carry out that purpose. I have known for many years that I’ve wanted to share this vision with you and now I can no longer keep it to myself.\\


7 Weeks of Gratitude

I will take you on a 7 week Journey into understanding this blessing and building a lasting practice. By the end of the 7 weeks you will have a greater understanding of your grand purpose and you will have embodied the art of gratitude.


How it works

We will meet by Zoom every Tuesday for 7 Weeks for 1 hour and understand each line - each word of this powerful prayer so that we can experience it in a way that will allow us to feel more confident and more connected.


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