Copy 3 of Musemint

Inspiring Sweet Clarity

Highly sensitive, empathic, muse-ical women come together in circle to write the next great story.



The creative empath has a magical story inside her.
Her wise words can fill a book.
She is distracted by the swirls of emotions that are often not hers.

She is overwhelmed by possibilities,
dizzy with the many directions her story can take.

She gets stuck in indecision over which of her millions ideas to begin with.

She is scattered by her wandering mind.
And Interrupted by the noise of the world.

She is always starting something new. 
Never being able to finish any one of them.

Is this your story too?

There is a way to shift your super sensitivities into super powers.

To fine tune your focus
Stabilize your energy
and find joy in writing again
You have the story inside you.
You know how to tell it.

All you need is ... 
The space and time to write
The inspiration to begin
The company of those of your kind
You need what your story needs.

to come first
to feel nurtured
to be allowed to grow and evolve
to be celebrated
to be heard



Sensitive Souls

As highly sensitive people and empaths, we enjoy our time alone. We prefer the quite of nature to the noise of malls, avoiding crowds when we can. Because we feel everything so intensely, it is important for us to have a harmonious and peaceful space to write in. We feel through every layer of this material world. We are not only familiar with the story of the Princess and the Pea, we are the Princess. 



Divinely Feminine

We feel the expansion of the Divine Feminine energy that amplifies our creative power. We understand the magic that happens when we come together in a shared purpose. We leave behind competition and we uplift each other. We celebrate our wins and hold space during the lulls in our creative expression. We encourage each other. We inspire each other. We laugh together. We cry together. We listen to each other and we feel heard. We are women who love women. We are re-infusing the world with Divine Feminine Authority. 



Like space/time our healing energy and our creative storytelling are not 2 separate things. They are in fact, inseparable. Both are aspects of our creativity that exist together as one thing. Whether we see ourselves as healers or not, we are. Our writing heals us and, in turn, those who read our stories.


Our Story is our Story

We have experienced the darkness of this world and have gone through powerful transformations. We share the wisdom of our experiences through our stories. You'll find our words written across many genres. We weave fantastical tales of magic; we share tips and techniques on anything from crafting, to business, to raising children, to dealing with depression; we talk about how we healed ourselves and we show you how to find healing; we take you into deep discussions of the mysteries of this world or we just make you think. Our spiritual ways are part of who we are and come through our writing one way or another. 


To be we must write

We write. Not because we want to but because we must. We have so much to say to the world - brilliant insights, mystical secrets and magical stories. If we don't share it, it wrecks us. To deny our story is to deny our life. We do not feel complete unless we are writing. Our art is our life.

We may take our writing seriously but it gives us great joy to play with words.


Sacred Writes

Our writing is a sacred practice entered into with conscious intent and often with rituals like ...

• lighting a candle
• writing with a special pen
• drinking our special blend of tea
• diffusing the sacred scent of an essential oil
• grounding ourselves with crystals
• clearing space with sage


Our Magic

Magic is a big part of who we are so therefore it is a big part of our writing process. When we are not wielding our pens, you will find us swinging pendulums, pulling tarot cards, mixing healing potions and consulting celestial charts. You may see us writing in solitude but our guides are always close by offering us wisdom and inspiration.  


Soul Family

Being a writer is a solitary and sometimes lonely journey and so we come together in circle to inspire, support, listen to and encourage each other. We are not just a community but a movement - an evolution in the way stories are created and shared out into the world. We are writers lifting up writers. We are not looking for permission to be who we are or acceptances of our stories. We are just seeking good company with whom to quietly write. We don't need help to write. We just want to write together. Connecting together in this way brings us very close, very quickly. We are not just people who come together to work. We are family. 

At Musemint

Whether we are at the beginning of our creation having just the spark of an idea or in our final edits, we work together in natural rhythm and flow.

• We meet 3 times a week to write.

• We have a special day each month for tea and talk.

• There will be guided meditations to take us into our work.

• We work with colour and Tarot cards in a very specific way which is designed to help our work.

• We check in with each other about our well being because we know that is not separate from our work.

* We have a library of resources that grows as we do

• We offer each other honest feedback when asked


Sacred Trust

All that is shared in our private group is done so in sacred trust. Each member of our circle makes a sacred promise that what happens in our writing circle stays in our writing circle.


Private Space

We meet in our writing circle through zoom and we have a private facebook group for ongoing discussions.



We meet 3 times a week and we rotate between Morning/Afternoon/Evening to accommodate different time zones. Dates for Monthly Tea will be announced by the end of each prior month.


Women used to come together in circle to share our hopes, our fears and our stories. 

We're reigniting this ancient practice.