Violet Rose Star Song

Violet Rose Star Song

Violet Rose vibrates the energy of clear and direct communication in relationships. They teach us to listen to the truth within and beneath the words others speak or don’t speak to us. They do more though than just show us how to LISTEN CLEARLY. They show us how to communicate CLEARLY and DIRECTLY – but with LOVE. IMAGINE if we all did that … if we all spoke the truth that was in our hearts with a loving voice. We would avoid much confllct and misunderstanding that way. I find it so synchronistic that it came into presence as February’s monthly Star Song, on the day before Valentines Day – a day that celebrates HEART FELT EXPRESSION.

NOTE: After having been blessed by this star song three times, I can say that I have never experienced a more powerful way of releasing relationship “stuff”. If there is something in a relationship that needs to be expressed, IT WILL BE! This deepens and transforms the relationship in the most profound way. As the energy of VIOLET ROSE swept through here on the third time, I saw something magical happen. I saw my relationship with a close family member transform. There were uncomfortable conversations. There were waves of shouting and silence. There were tears and bursts of laughter as we felt the sting of truth and the hilarity of it. But at the end of it, there was a shift so powerful, it was palpable. That was because we each felt heard (typed heart).

THAT is the power of this magical essence – LOVING COMMUNICATION. When two people communicate from a deep space of love – it creates a safe space in which to speak truth. It’s not always comfortable, but it’s real. Does this mean that there will not be any more conflict in the future. DEFINITELY NOT. Relationships at their essence carry within them both the joy and the pain. But when the love is felt, the fear dissipates and that’s what transforms them.

The VIOLET ROSE trio was the the Crystal Totem for the Magic is Awakening Journey (MIA). They also shared a “Heart Song” filled with wisdom on expanding awareness – and your heart – and transforming the challenging relationships in your life.


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