The Whispers of Angels

The Whispers of Angels

The angels whispered to my heart and I heard them. I finally heard them. They've been trying to get this message to me for some time. I realize this now that I have opened my heart and really listened. I get why I was resistant. Because listening means shifting and that means changing things. And yes ... things have changed.

You may have noticed that the prices of the Star Songs is one of the things that changed. It was not something that I planned to do. The Angels gently showed me that I had not been listening to their messages. They showed me an image in my mind's eye of my squirrel figurine with the missing ear. That is the Universe's symbol to me saying "You're not listening!"  I learned some time ago that when I see the one eared squirrel, that is the Universe's way of saying I'm not hearing something important and I have to pay attention. Sometimes the symbolism of Spirit is subtle or masked and sometimes it's so blatantly obvious. However even when the symbols are crystal clear, we can still miss it the first few or 10 or 20 times.


"You're not listening!"


The message this time ... the thing that I was not "listening" about ... had to do with value and worth. Yes .. an old pattern and a consistent message. What the Angels made me understand this time in that split second of lightning insight - in that tiny opening in my heart when my shields came down and I was really pay7ing attention - was that I had not been valuing the Star Songs. I mean I know how special and powerful they are because I experience their magic on a daily basis. It wasn't that I didn't understand their value. But my ego was being loud and distracting and misdirecting me by pulling on my heart strings. You see I found such value in the Star Songs that I wanted to share this magic with the world. I wanted anyone who wanted or needed their energy to be able to have a Star Song essence.

This is how ego works sometimes. By making you think that you are doing something for the benefit of others. So even though I understood how valuable they were, I priced them quite low and gave many away as gifts because I benefited so greatly from them and I wanted to share that with everyone. I wanted everyone to experience their magic. So while I thought it was about others - this was about what "I" wanted. "I" wanted people to benefit from them. "I" wanted to share them. "I" wanted people to experience their magic. Ego is clever and lures you from your heart and into your mind by appealing to your vulnerabilities and your tendencies. It is my nature to want to give things away - many women and sensitive ones will understand that. We imagine a world where everyone just shares their gifts and creations openly. My ego is still trying to convince itself that I'm being generous and not selfish and that it's about the benefit of others and not my need to feel valuable by being of value to others.

But the Angels loving presence is powerful and they made me see that the gift of the Star Songs was not about how many people received them - at least not directly. These are mystical essences. They have a powerful, albeit subtle, energy that not everyone is going to be able to receive. Not everyone is going to be open to the shift that the Star Songs will initiate. These essences are about awakening from the dream of illusion and not everyone wants to wake up just yet.


Magical Wake up Call


When you experience magic in this physical reality, 2 things can happen. You either chalk up the shift to coincidence or you begin to wake up and that can be quite world shattering. Because if the magic is real, then everything that you were taught to believe has to be wrong and where do you go from there. What do you do then! So of course I get why these mystical essences are not going to be for everyone.

So this is the magic that happened here with the Angels and the Star Songs ... the Angels touched my spirit and whispered to my heart and I listened. The shift happened miraculously quickly but there was no urgency about it. I sense the truth in the experience because I feel very peaceful about it. "I" no longer feel the need to push the Star Songs out into the world. I'm trusting that their magic will find their way despite my ego's best intentions.

The sun is streaming through the window just now and filling my eyes with light. I feel like that's the Angels affirming to me that I am seeing through starlight - and that's the heart of the Star Songs - the light of the Stars.


The magic of 33


If you had been planning to try a Monthly Star Song Circle and just hadn't gotten around to doing so and would like a chance to try one at the old price, shoot me an email and I will send you an invoice for the old price for the Star Song Soup. Ok ... so the Angels just turned my attention to 2 crystals that somehow ended up by my keyboard. They are scribal crystals - these particular ones have numbers carved into them. Each one has a number 3 on them and together they make 33 ... 33 is the price I was charging for the monthly Star Song Circles. They are also reminding me that I am to offer the 3 Sunstones that will be co-creating the Star Song Circle for $33 to the one who is guided to co-create with them in person. And because the Universe likes to layer its light, the Scribal 33 Crystals are volunteering to sing the Crystal Moon Message for November's Full Moon tomorrow.

So this is another one of those CRYSTAL CLEAR messages from the Universe. I'm definitely paying attention. I hear you Angels and I thank you.

Much love and many blessings from me and the Angels


Even though I wrote about what the Angels whispered to me in a Blog but they wanted me to share it with you as an audio recording as well. How can I say no to my Angels. So here it is ...

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