The Shape of a Star Song part 2

The Shape of a Star Song part 2

In part 1 of “The Shape of a Star Song” I shared with you about the magical transformations the Star Songs physical form sometimes undergo as a reflection of the shift that is happening within the recipient of this mystical medicine. I spoke about how sometimes bubbles form or flowery films appear in the water which is the medium and co-creator of the essences. Just to remind you the Star Songs are created with good quality natural spring water and nothing physical is added to the water. They are energized with crystal or colour (or whatever element I am guided to for the co-creation) without anything touching or being added to the water. I shared with you pictures that powerfully illustrate these transformations. But now the Universe has sent me even more validation of the magic of these essences through a customer who experienced the mystery of these Star Songs for herself and has her own pictures to show us. It was pretty powerful validation. I witness the magic of the Star Songs all the time but hearing about it from someone who is receiving this mystical medicine by distance, thousands of miles away in another country, is powerful proof.

Not long after I published the post about the Shape of a Star Song, a customer ordered a personal Star Song to be co-created with a beautiful wee Citrine crystal bit. Soon after I contacted her to let her know that her personal Star Song had come into presence, I received a message from her telling me that the special water she set aside as her sacred Star Song had lots of bubbles in it. When I co-create a Star Song for a customer, I invite them to pour themselves a glass of water and set it aside in a special place and connect with it as they wish. That might be by sipping it, pouring it on the body as guided, meditating with it, or just having it there. The important thing is that they trust that the water they have there is the same magical elixir that has come into creation over here. My customer did this and the photo below is what her Star Song looked like.

I just loved that the vessel she was guided to choose is shaped like a STAR!

Here is what my customer shared about how she was feeling as she was receiving the energetic emanations of her Star Song:

what i have been experiencing thus far almost feels like a detachment to chaos and dilema’s as i have a very racey mind that likes to analize and be anolitical (excuse the spelling) like when i read your email this morning about connecting with my star song Via my own enviorment it was “matter of fact” there was no doubting i was let to the star dish to put the water in as well as having no doubt i was being guided to do it if that makes sense as of now i see more bubbles and am waiting 3 days to compare the first picture i will keep u posted! i also spent a few hours on your site before and after deciding on the star song i was soaking in a very loving place to be ! thank you!  — K



This image above is the star shaped vessel K set aside when the Star Song came into presence. You can see how clear the water is. Within an hour of the Star Song coming into presence, oodles of bubbles formed.  

K did the same experiment as I did where I set out a glass of regular water (not Star Song water) and see what happens after it sits for a few days. The image below is this water. No bubbles!



I was curious to see what K’s Star Song looked like on this side of the continent. I waited until her Star Song had completed before I disturbed it. I was tickled to see the bubbles that formed over here as well. There were not as many bubbles here as she had in her star vessel but as you can see from the picture I took (below) it had definitely transformed.


The personal Star Song that came into creation here for K also had bubbles – not as many as the one in her presence but very noticeable.


The bubbles appeared yet again …



Once a month, I co-create a Star Song Circle. It is similar to a personal Star Song except that it is co-created for a group of people – whoever chooses to join that month. K joined the monthly "You Matter” Star Song and she got in touch with me after it came into presence with pictures of the bubbles formed in this essence too. The image on the left is the Star Song water K set aside. The image on the right is the same Star Song with her Citrine Crystal bit which she was guided to add to her sacred essence.

I’m sending out a great big thanks to K for sharing her photos and her story and for giving me permission to share them with you too. I have been asking the Universe to show me how to tell people about the Star Songs and how to explain the magic of this mystical medicine and I believe that the Universe sent K to help me to do that.

I speak about that in the video I created called The Star Song Story:




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