The Shape of a Star Song

The Shape of a Star Song

I never know what gift will come from a Star Song. Each one is unique. Even when I co-create with the same stones, the Star Song shifts and offers something new. Sometimes the water itself behaves in different ways for different Star Songs.

There are times that I have seen bubbles form in the water. One time we co-created a Star Song around Mother’s Day. It was a monthly Star Song so it was for a group of us. Usually the essence is co-created with colour or crystals – or some other inspired element. That time what was asked for was just simply the love of each of us in the circle.  THAT’S A LOT OF LOVE : )  When I went to gift the water from the Star Song to the Earth the next morning, what I saw astonished me. There were hundreds of bubbles in the water. I’d been co-creating Star Songs for a long time and until then had never seen this happen before. These bubbles appeared overnight – the Star Song came into presence near midnight and was complete in the early morning. You should understand that once a Star Song comes into presence, it remains undisturbed until it is complete – unless of course the essence is asking to be moved for some purpose. This particular essence had been untouched until its completion.

I have since noticed that if a Star Song stays in presence for longer than a few days, a flowery film  forms on the surface. To me that signals the completion of that essence. However recently I co-created a Star Song for a family member who was showing the first signs of a developing flu and it eased some painful symptoms. Even after being in presence for over 2 weeks, the water remained completely clear of any surface formation. It had me intrigued. I thought this was a one time thing but then I co-created another Star Song for different client and again the water remained completely clear even after many days. I was not sure if this was a one time (or 2 time) thing or an evolution of the Star Songs. Perhaps those two essences simply needed to be emanating their energy for a longer period of time.

The next Star Song that came into presence for a client satisfied some of my curiosity. The water for this essence changed and created an intricate flowery pattern after just one single day. As if to reinforce the message that the water itself is part of the transmission of the Star Songs – that it shifts and changes its form – as if to echo the transformation that happens within the body of the receiver of this mystical medicine. It was as if the Universe was sensing my wondering about the magic that is happening and showing me that I’m not just dreaming up these mystical happenings.

I had thought that the snowflake like formations floating on the surface of the star songs was just naturally what happens when still water is left stagnant. But then I realized that other than with the Star Songs I’d not seen this occurrence anywhere else before. In retrospect I’ve left stagnant water sitting undisturbed for days and never noticed that before. I tried to do some research to see if other people notice formations on still water but I have yet to find anything. I was beginning to believe this is a phenomenon unique to the Star Songs.

I decided to try an experiment. I would set out a glass of some “regular” water (water that was not a Star Song) and see what happens after it sits for a few days. I checked it regularly but even after more than a week, I did not notice any change to the appearance of the water. There were no patterns forming on the surface. This may not have been a proper study but it did show me something. It seems that these intricate patterns appearing in the Star Song water were a part of the mystery of these essences.


They are truly magical essences …


After all that I’ve seen from them this should not surprise me but it does. It does surprise me. Each and every time another magical moment happens I am surprised. I shouldn’t be at this point but I am.

This message of SURPRISE has been echoing to me in many different ways lately. The Universe is definitely speaking to me of surprises and the messages initially fell on deaf ears but I am listening now. See Post on Surprising yourself on Purpose.




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