The Power of Peppermint

The Power of Peppermint

I want to tell those of you super sensitive souls about some things you might not know about the power of peppermint essential oil. This natural essence can really make a difference to the quality of your life. It can be especially helpful to those of you with chemical sensitivities. As a super sensitive soul myself, peppermint has made my life much more comfortable and is one of my most treasured gifts from the earth.



If you want to freshen your breath at times you can’t easily brush, then put a drop of peppermint on your hand and lick it off in a second you’ve got fresh breath. Why add sugar or chemical sweeteners that are not healthy for the body. When you want fresh breath, skip the fillers and go right for the peppermint.


We all know peppermint freshens the breath and cools the mouth but did you know that some studies have show that it has antibacterial properties that kill germs that cause dental plaque. Some people use peppermint straight but I find it is quite strong so I dilute it in coconut oil. Even diluted, a drop or two is all I need on my toothbrush when I brush my teeth.


Forget coffee … try peppermint. Inhaling this stimulating oil improves mental clarity and can help keep us awake and alert. It aids in increasing concentration and mental endurance. Coffee doesn’t do that! Plus Coffee is a diuretic and as well has linked to increased anxiety and depression.


If you are as sensitive as I am, then you may not be able to take pharmaceutical drugs. Peppermint is an amazing remedy for headaches. I have found that it has given me relief even for migraines. Some people place a drop or two under the nose. I simply open up one of the many bottles I keep around and inhale. Sometimes I will keep the bottle open until the headache passes. It usually doesn’t take long. For this purpose I prefer to use my peppermint straight but the diluted peppermint also will work.


Peppermint can be a rescue remedy following trauma or when dark emotions set in. My supplier has found it to be such a great treatment for shock and trauma that she keeps it in the car and around the house for emergencies. If someone is injured and shows signs of going into shock, just a drop or two of diluted peppermint in water (under the tongue) can bring them back and dispel symptoms almost instantly.

I have tried the Bach Rescue Remedy and flower essences and though I have heard amazing things about them, I have not found them to work on me. As a super sensitive soul, I am highly sensitive to alcohol. A lot of flower essences and natural remedies are made with alcohol, including the Bach essences. I came to discover that the reason they didn’t work for me was because of the alcohol. I’m mentioning this to my fellow sensitives in case you have also found that the flower essences don’t work on you and haven’t figured out why. Peppermint came come to the “rescue” for you instead.


Peppermint stimulates the brain, nerve cells and metabolism, and prevents a downward spiral in consciousness. It is a very uplifting natural remedy for depression. If you’re looking for some natural relief from anxiety or depression, it is worth giving peppermint a try.


Energetically peppermint is emotionally balancing. We sensitive souls, and especially the empaths among us, can get easily overwhelmed by the emotional roller coaster ride called life - especially when we are around a lot of people. Peppermint is a simple way to bring in some emotional grounding.


Peppermint just plain smells amazing. It reminds me of candy. It is a universal scent and while some people might object to certain essential oils - most people seem to love peppermint. So you likely won’t find anyone complaining if you open up your bottle in public when you need to breathe in some relief.


As I mentioned, I dilute my peppermint because I find it to be quite strong. I suggest you try it both ways. You can split your bottle in 2 and dilute one half and keep the other half at full strength and experiment with it and see what works for you. When you dilute your peppermint, I suggest you give it a couple days before you decide if it is strong enough because it will get stronger with time. If you decide to dilute it make sure you are using a high quality pure carrier oil. I like to use a pure filtered coconut oil from Hawaii that my supplier carries.


I speak about this often but I’m going to remind you that not all essential oils are created equally. You need to find a pure trusted source. The essential oils that you find at the health food stores are likely not pure because they are mass produced. Even if they don’t adulterate it with chemicals, they may be using them in the production process. I know it’s a challenge because everyone says their oils are pure. This is when you need to trust your intuition and your nose - and of course your reactions. The oils I offer come from a couple who have a deep love and respect for the earth. They live off grid on a property near the Grand Canyon. Their land is gridded with crystals and they hand pour all their oils with loving intention. Many have been artisan crafted and wildcrafted (wild is my favourite). Some have been created in ceremony using the same techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.


Sometimes sensitive people will react to essential oils. Some may actually be sensitive to the plant or flower, but the reaction might have something to do with the chemicals used in the production of the essence. So if you are a sensitive soul it is vitally important to find a very pure source of essential oils.



As counter intuitive as it sounds, the scent of a pure natural aroma helps me tremendously to counteract the reactions I have when I’m in the presence of synthetic fragrances. As one who is super sensitive to any petrochemicals, especially perfumes, peppermint has been such a blessing in my life.


So now you know why I always have peppermint in the house and why I recommend it so highly - especially to those who are super sensitive. Get in touch if you have any questions or you want to try this natural essence for yourself.



None of the information in this blog or on this website is intended to take the place of the advice of your health care practitioner. As with anything you put on or in your body, DO A SKIN TEST before using it topically or internally.

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