The fall of creativity

The fall of creativity

Just as the earth has her seasons of creative flow, so too do we.

We too winter our artistry, burying ourselves deep into essential rest and silent regeneration.

We then spring forth a new generation of seedlings which naturally blossom into colourful designs.

Then begins the summer of fragrant growth and rich bounties, the most beautiful and most necessary concepts growing into their full form.

Those creations are seen in full colour for a brief moment before they fall back into the void from which they were born.

All these stages of the creative process can happen in a day, a month, a year or a lifetime...and they do. To be in touch with those natural, personal rhythms, is to bring more joy and ease to the creative journey. That is when craft becomes art.

The earth has begun her fall today.

Where are you in your cycle of creativity?
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