The energy of a Ruby's Star Song

The energy of a Ruby's Star Song

A Ruby crystal with a mystical triangular shape fell out of my bag and into my hands recently. It couldn’t have been a clearer message that this crystalline one had a gift for me … right? Well I was not paying attention. She kept patiently singing until I finally heard that she wanted to gift me with her energy through a personal Star Song. Her energy was that of accepting and handling life’s unexpected surprises with peaceful ease.

Her visit came at quite the perfect time in my life. I was in the midst of an unexpected house issue that had me unsettled. (I plan to post a separate blog about this because the gift that came from it was incredible and worth sharing about.) I was surprised by how I reacted to the situation. I will admit to you that it had me feeling fearful. My reaction was disproportionate to the situation which I realized was because it had stirred up an old trauma.

I reached for my tried and true essential oil to free me from my fear … Davana … which worked like a charm as she always does. But I welcomed Ruby into my heart without a second thought. Her gentle emanations layered with the sacred scent of Davana eased my fears and calmed my spirit. Ruby then generously offered her lovely energy as she volunteered to co-create a Monthly Star Song Circle. She whispered a message to be shared with those in our crystal community.

Ruby dropped in unexpectedly gifting me with her energy and a message for our community.

The Universe is always sending you surprises … sometimes they are fun ones and sometimes they rattle your world. The ones that rattle your world may leave you shaken but they will also leave you with the most profound gift.

Call on us to help you get through the shaky part. We will ground you through the stormy weather.



This beautiful Ruby with the mystical triangular shape had not finished emanating her energetic gifts to us. She joined with a branch of Sacred Sage and a scattering of  dried leaves from a Magical Myrtle Plant that came to be here at the start of the winter.

They were singing a song of ….


Love from the Earth.


They came forward to show us how to tap into the heart vibrations of the earth so that we could feel Gaia’s love even when we don’t have direct contact with her. This is something many of us are missing living in industrial cities.

This message came through with a vibrant clarity in the most unexpected way. It was the day after Mother’s Day … Gaia echoed a message from a couple years ago that she had a gift for us and that all we needed to do to go outside and accept it (see Earth Gifts Blog Post). Well I did go outside that day and I received my gift and that gift was the same one that she asked of me … her presence. I can’t begin to describe the mystical, magical experience of feeling the Earth’s love in my heart in such a direct and clear way. What I was feeling made so much sense once my mind picked up on what my heart already knew. The neighbour dogs reacted to me in such an unusual way – I’ve noticed that when I am in a deep spiritual state of being or when Angels are present that dogs freak out a bit and they just start barking at me – well not really “at me” but in my direction. I know that they are reacting to the presence of a Divine being.

So that magic makes sense to both my heart and my mind – once it catches up. What happened next was not so typical. The next day I was getting my blood drawn for a routine check and the same feeling that I experienced the night before came through me. It was that deep, beautiful, profound love that Gaia gifted me with the previous night. Her message was so clear. The love of the earth is not barred by concrete walls. We don’t have to be outside to feel the presence of Divine Nature – of Mother Earth. We can tap into it at any time.

Now this is not such a crazy concept to those of us in spiritual circles – but it is one thing to know it with the mind and it is another thing to feel it in the body.



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