Strangers in the Night

Strangers in the Night

As women, we know the importance of being in touch with our feelings. We know that when we ignore them, they find a way to express themselves one way or another – usually when we’re at our most vulnerable which makes things even more uncomfortable. There’s a reason that “drama” happens.

There is another part of ourselves that we tend to ignore and suppress and that’s the part that dreams. Getting to know this dream self requires time, energy and commitment. We have to want to have a relationship with this part of ourselves or it will not happen. 

But I don’t dream … 

Some of us are not even aware that we dream. That’s because we have ignored our dreams for so long that we have lost touch with them. If we stuff our feelings inside for long enough we will get to the point where we won’t recognize them. It is not really any different with our dreams. If we dismiss them as unimportant, we will forget them. Soon we will not even recognize this part of ourselves when it shows up. That is when we become fearful of it.

I was afraid of this part of myself for a long time.

I have always been an avid dreamer so I was never in much danger of forgetting my dreams. I used to have a lot of nightmares though so there were many times I actually wanted to forget my dreams. But for all my dreaming – scary or not – I was not in touch with my night stories and that’s why I was so afraid of them.

Messages from my Soul

When I began to explore my dreams and started to get to know my dream self, my fears turned to fascination. I was learning things about myself through my dreams that my waking self did not know. In that magical space, I was able to tap into a source of wisdom that can’t be accessed through the conscious mind. I came to realize that my soul had been speaking to me and I had been ignoring her.

I also came to understand that the Universe had been talking to me, sending me messages and even healing me. I hadn’t realized that it was trying to get my attention. I know now and I listen. I pay attention to the once strange symbols and imagery that used to frighten me and now I play with them. I fit them together like pieces of a puzzle and often times the ones that seem least connected are the ones that fit together so perfectly. 

Dream Guide

Opening up to my dream self changed my life in very profound ways. That’s why I’m so passionate about guiding people to remember this part of themselves by reconnecting to their dreams.


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