A group of crystals with celestial connections came together to co-create a magical Star Song that literally took me out of time. (This group was a Star Metamorphosis Sphere, a Moonstone and a Golden Calcite.)

I hesitated to post this because it’s quite “out there” even for those who are metaphysically minded. But I was gently guided to share it because though not everyone will resonate with it or believe it … it opens up the imagination to the possibility of such things.

So here goes …

This Star song shifted time – or it took me outside of it. It made time besides the point and allowed me to be without concern of it. From this state time becomes malleable – it can be stretched. It will wait for you. So you lose the anxious rush to keep up with it. You understand time is like a language which when understood opens up the doorway to interact with it.



So the experience of this looks like this …


That rushed feeling to get places on time – to call someone – to finish a project – to get to the finish line of anything – is suddenly not there.

The anxiety and stress that comes from deadlines dissipates.

A lot gets accomplished in a short amount of time.

Pressure that you thought came from outside yourself is suddenly lifted and you realize you were the one applying it.

Time becomes a friend and ally to co-create with – not race against.


That was my experience with this particular Star Song. Each person will have their own experience. It may be similar to my experience or it may be quite different. That is the magic of the Star Songs … they conjure a gift unique to you and your particular journey. This is why I love them so much because they are always perfect for the person they are going out to.


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