Spiral Star Song

Spiral Star Song

I was on a walk in my neighbourhood and there in my path was a small sprig of an evergreen branch. It was singing such a lovely song for me and I picked it up and took it home with me. I realized later that this branch fragment did not originate anywhere near my home because I had not seen this type of tree growing anywhere nearby. I was content to believe that the Universe had purposefully placed this green gift on my path because I was in need of its energy. So I brought it home and it joined with a trio of spiralled stones to co-create a personal Star Song for me.

The next day as I was coming back home from a walk I was drawn to a bush near the steps leading up to my house. I had to part the dense growth of a lovely grape vine that had obscured the bush from my sight. As I parted the leaves I saw a small sprig of grapes that the neighbourhood creatures had left for me. It was another of nature’s creations that held the spiral vibration. I was guided to pluck the sprig and add it to the circle of stones around the Star Song.


The energy of these crystals came forward at the ideal time to offer their energetic support as I moved through the remnants of an old pattern that showed up in my life yet again. I spoke a little about it a recent blog, “Sometimes we just have to sit in the yuck”. I have no doubt that I was able to move through the “yuck” much more quickly and with greater ease with the support of this Star Song. These crystals are now volunteering to co-create October’s Star Song Circle. They will likely offer a unique gift to each one who is part of the circle – different that what I experienced – and I would love to hear how their energy shows up for you.

There is another gift that the Universe has for you. The other day I was moved to dig out a book on shapes that I had stored in my library. I thought it was to look something up for a theme on circles that had been coming up for me but then this morning I heard that it was for the Spiral Star Song and I was to share the information on the spiral shape with you.



“THE SPIRAL SYMBOLIZES THE PROCESS of growth and evolution. It is a process of coming to the same point again and again, but at a different level, so that everything is seen in a new light. The result is a new perspective on issues, people, and places.” — from Signs of Life, Angeles Arrien

May the words hold meaning for you and may the energy of the Star Song bring their light into your heart and your life.



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