Smoky Rose Star Song

Smoky Rose Star Song

The crystals and star songs sometimes speak to me through my dreams. That’s what happened this month. I dreamed of a Rose Oil as an Elixir that was the answer to the terror and violence that is so prevalent in our world. There is a real and present danger to us from the violence in this world. But that outer conflict is a reflection of our inner struggle and before we can have peace on earth, we must find peace within.

The messages and medicine that are shown to me in dreamtime are always powerfully transformative. I co-created a Star Song with Rose oil and a Smoky Quartz crystal sceptre (who also appeared to me in a dream as an “art piece”). The vibrations of these beings through their Star Song was magnificent. They showed me through an experience of their energy to slow my pace and be in gentle flow – savouring and enjoying each minute.


Rose holds the energy of unity and harmony. That is why she is the flower of love. She brings opposite energies together in balance. Rose Essential oil does this in a deeper way than her flower form. This potent distillation of her fragrant essence helps to quiet and calm inner struggle. The Awareness and the energy of patience is the key to understanding harmony and guiding your waring halves into alignment and balance. THAT is the essence of Rose – PEACE. At least that is the gift that she showed me in the dream and the direct experience I had with her as I bathed in the energy of this Star Song.

She showed me that you are always just “this close” to inner peace. You need only a little more patience (just the tiniest bit) to get to that harmonious centre – the ZERO point – the balance between the sides – the yin and the yang. If you knew how close you were to being in a balanced peaceful state it would be so much easier. Rose helps you into that awareness. She shows you how close you are. She gently supports your short step onto middle ground through the power of patience.


And her deep dark companion Smoky Quartz was a wise choice for a partner in conjuring this peaceful state. Smoky Quartz is the balance between light and dark – between clear and cloudy. This “one foot on earth and one foot in the heavens” is an appropriate analogy for the stage humanity is at with respect to our spiritual awareness. We are beginning to see through the clouds of uncertainty but not yet all the way. This path into the undiscovered realms is exciting yet it can cause quiet a bit of fear and confusion – a grey area – “not so clear”. The Smoky quartz helps us to peak through the veils into the next realm of existence while allowing us to remain grounded in peaceful patience as we await what is to come. It helps us to feel a sense of satisfaction as we explore and enjoy where we are right here and now.

So while the Rose allows us to feel into our patience and calm the inner struggle. The Smoky Quartz helps us to glimpse ahead without getting ahead of ourselves and to enjoy and be in the moment. Enjoy the gift of this dream duet. If you can feel even a fraction of the blissful tranquility that they brought into manifestation through their co-creation then it is so worth it. Theirs is the gift of peaceful patience.



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