Sacred Change

Sacred Change

change is an illusion

“hunger blends the black with the white and makes things grey”

Change is like time – fleeting – it seems to move. It is a trick of smoke and mirrors. It hides the truth in a haze of mist and behind reflections. What is true and real is constant and eternal.

When you feel overwhelmed by life’s changing season – the ebb and flow of night and day – the storm that turn everything in it’s wake upside down. Look within to that which is always with you and know that there is one thing that will never change … that is the Divine LOVE the Universe has for you.

[The quote about “hunger blends …” came through as the Star Song came into presence. Truthfully I don’t know what it means in connection to the Star Song. What I get from it is that “hunger” is desire and from there it can go two ways. When we want or are attached to things, we don’t see them as they clearly are and it is harder for us to let go. Alternatively this could mean that it we follow our true desire we will see past the labels and judgements into what is truly there. I personally think it is both things at once, even though they are opposites. But then again, Spirit in and of itself is a dichotomy.



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