Oozing Indigo Star Song

Oozing Indigo Star Song

I dreamed of thick indigo liquid oozing out of a picture.

There was an fiery explosion here on a cold winter’s night … a build up of years of things unsaid and of things said that had not been heard. This communication “stuckness” was a theme that had played throughout my life. That was about to change. Words held in limbo for years exploded that night. That blow up shattered a metaphoric vessel in my waking existence that oozed blue blood into my dream world. The Universe was telling me something. It had been trying to get my attention for quite some time. Over and over the message of communication had been whispered to my heart. I heard it. I was listening but I didn’t yet understand. I didn’t really comprehend the full meaning and purpose of its appearance until the next morning.

I’d been working with an INDIGO coloured Star Song. This royal ray had been emitting it’s deep tone into my life in several ways. It  came in the indigo soaked crystal which was the “star” of the star song, it showed up in a energy-therapy session I had gifted myself with, and then in the glaze of an old vase I pulled out of the back of a cupboard. I was led to that vase in a strangely guided way right after our heated “discussion”. It was the middle of the night and there I was dusting and moving crystals and curios, climbing ladders and opening and closing cupboard doors until I found the vase that had been tucked away for so long I’d forgotten about it. Once I pulled that retro piece out I was done. I could stop. I suddenly had the sense that this why the Universe set me on a midnight tidy session. Amazing how spirit moves the human body to take just the right steps and to just the right place at just the perfect moment to see what it is you need to see. The universe had my attention already when the crystal with a hue like the deep night sky started sparkling at me. When the vase came out from exile … I thought … are you just showing off now Universe or am I still missing something? Maybe I was just being given a loving confirmation that I’m REALLY on the right track. Or … could it be a symbol of my shattered metaphoric vessel!


But after the deep nighttime shade oozed out of my dream and into my open eyes I suddenly realized what that message was about. It took an ugly moment filled with uncomfortable emotions. It took an explosion of words … a fight that had been silently fought for many years – maybe even over many generations. In that moment of blue shaded clarity the answer was shown to me. I’d known what my life partner’s issue with communication was – he didn’t. It’s always easy to see what another person’s problem is. What I hadn’t realized until just then was what my own issue with communication was … and that was that I over-communicated. This tendency at oversharing bled through into all aspects of my life – both personal and business. In sharing so much I might as well be not saying anything at all because the essence of what I really want to say becomes lost in a sea of other concepts. In my misguided attempt to make it clear, I end up burying my message in a forest of words and not understanding why I’m not being understood.

The magic that was captured in the Photo

The Universe sent me many messages that would lead me to my final AHA discovery. That’s usually how revelations happen … they come in a moment of clarity that may be years in the making. The whispers of the universe are loud – but we usually need to receive them over and over and over again until we really hear them. Could it be that we don’t actually want to hear them despite how many times we look up to the heavens and plead, negotiate or right out demand that the Universe “give us the answer”.

Strange how much clarity comes through in the darkness. Though it does bring to mind how we can only see the sparkling of the stars in the black of night.

I was given another gift that night. While I was swimming through the energy of my personal Indigo Star Song, the Universe orchestrated the monthly Star Song Circle to come into presence that same night. That month Smoky Rose was sharing it’s vibrations. Its peaceful emanations eased the burn of the heavy emotions I’d just navigated through. Amazingly even after the turbulent eruption that evening, I was able to get a restful sleep and I woke up in a calm and peaceful state. I knew immediately that this quiet tranquility was the result of the energetic emanations of that Smoky Rose Star Song. This warm energetic cocoon was a very welcomed gift after a cold dark night.

When I get these magical gifts from the universe through the Star Songs I want to share them. I got so much from Smoky Rose that I shared it with my community two months in a row. It is still available as a personal Star Song. I’m offering the Ooozing Indigo Star Song for January’s Circle. The nice thing about the circle besides it being around half the cost is that the Star Song expands its energy to gift each one in the group what they are needing. So there may be elements to its gift that are beyond what you would receive from a personal Star Song. Oozing Indigo will come into presence on January 25th. We invite you to join us.



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