Maybe Grey is not the colour of depression. Maybe Grey is the colour FOR depression.

Maybe Grey is not the colour of depression. Maybe Grey is the colour FOR depression.

We think of stormy skies and darkened rooms in absence of sun as dreary and gloomy. Muted shades of black and white are thought of as non colours and the closer we get to the centre of these shades the more “heavy” and “depressing” they are to us.

Bright vibrant shades are thought of as uplifting and energizing and I’ll agree to their appeal; but the misty tints of monotone greys have their own understated beauty and perhaps great purpose in supporting the moods that match their tone. Consider that maybe those “non-colours” are not the depressing tones we believe them to be but rather the perfect antidote to feeling down.

Greys are often relegated to the backgrounds and are labelled neutral but maybe sometimes they can be given recognition as star of the show. I invite you to look beyond the fear and find the reverent beauty of a stormy sky? Can you appreciate the power of the darkened clouds which are carried by dynamic winds? Do you see the charm in the softened tones of sea washed stones scattered along the beach?

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Grey is misunderstood and underappreciated in the healing world. We work on the brilliant colours assigned to the chakras but there is mystery, magic and powerful transformation to be found in the shades beyond the chakras. Grey is the centre of light and dark – the liminal spaces between this world and others that take cover behind a colourless cloak. Open your mind and your hearts to this in-between colour and it may offer you the gift of some deep insights into the concept of balance.

I did … I opened myself up to the soft silver tones that were singing to me. They inspired me to co-create a Star Song to help release sadness. The Star Song first took me into the centre of the darkness before I could let go. For a moment it didn’t feel good. I stayed there until I accepted the feeling as it was without trying to change it. Then it suddenly shifted like a storm blown away as suddenly as it came in. The after feeling was worth the temporary trip into the sombre centre of the misty fog of sullen sadness.

It was a great gift. Like the rainbow that comes after a rain. The greyness gave birth to jewel tones that follow it in the sky.

The stones that volunteered to co-create this Silver Storm Star Song were: pumice, fairy stone, tibetan quartz crystal, silver rutile in quartz, novaculite. There was also a silver card and an image of light shining through a stormy sky.


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