Holey-ness Star Song

Holey-ness Star Song

This Star Song will be co-created with Holey Stones. These stones come forth to help us to understand the empty moments in our lives and to show us how to see those lonely feelings we experience as openings to something new. There’s more about the holey stones in the most recent blog and I invite you to stop by and read it.

SPIDER just dropped down in front of the screen as I was creating this listing. She has a message for us about the loneliness that we feel. Here’s her message …

In those moments of pure creation you are in a sense … alone. Until your creation comes into presence, no other person in the world can see or feel what you’re experiencing. At these times, you may feel utterly alone. However, the truth is, in those moments, you are the most connected you can be to all of creation. When you understand that, the pain of loneliness eases and what you will feel instead is awe and splendour.

Spider is a master of creation. She understands the aloneness of creativity. She is a solitary being. Many creatives are. Call upon her to help you through those times of anguish when you feel the most lonely. She will show you that this is when you are the least alone.


A special group of these stones came to me with the powerful gift of an astounding message which is shared in the Holes e-book in the Song of Stones Lightbrary.  That message changed the way I saw my life.  It changed the way I saw myself.  I imagine that these stone beings and the message they carry in their song will have as profound an effect on you too. Excerpt:

There are sometimes stone beings who form with naturally occurring holes or pockets. These holes are pathways … openings to new spaces.  They are the spaces that allow a new creation to emerge.  Much like the empty space that awaits a new life to be born.

They are pathways of possibility.



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