Heartlight Star Song

Heartlight Star Song

THE HEARTLIGHT STAR SONG comes forth to offer support in dealing with heartbreak.  I’m hear(t)ing that the heartbreak may be very old – eons even perhaps. This energy of this ethereal essence is that of rematrixing the light body to a vibration of pure love.  Anything other than pure love will not hold in this new energy pattern.

The Stones that volunteered for this Star Song take the shape of a heart:

Heartlight comes with a message:

When the sadness comes and it’s so deep that it’s almost unbearable and you want to run as far away from it as possible, go deeper.

GO DEEPER into your sadness.

Go further into your pain.

Stay in the sorrow.

Stay until you break and then step upon the shattered pieces to release the light that is embedded within them.

This is probably the last thing you will want to do when you’re feeling heartbroken. But it is the only thing that will truly release your sadness. You can certainly escape the trauma temporarily and it will feel better – temporarily. But it will come back and each time it will be more agonizing.

But if you can do what your pain is calling on you to do – if you can reach into your strength and find the courage to step into the pain, you will find a great gift awaiting you. The only way to this gift though is through the darkness. That’s where you’ll find the light.

Heartlight Star Song offers you its heartlight as a beacon to find your heartlight.



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