Fire Inside Dragon Star Song

Fire Inside Dragon Star Song

Dragon came forth with the Crystalline ones, to co-create this Star Song. It’s gift for us was feelings of confidence and being comfortable in our own skin. Things that normally intimidated us, didn’t even phase us. But it wasn’t just that, we were also comfortable with how others felt about us. In the midst of the great beast’s emanations, energy coming at us that would normally cause us to doubt ourselves or to withdraw in pain, would just bounce off our skin or burn in our breath. This is Dragon energy at its basest. Feeling confident, comfortable, safe, free, open, and honest. Truth without fear. At it’s essence it holds the vibration of truth without fear. This Star Song inspired us to be truthful in every aspect of our being – in heart and body as well as with our words. But even greater is that it shows us how be ok in another’s truth without judgement, without resistance and without taking offence.


“Dragon’s energy moved us to Focus on the fire inside.”


We did not become “fired” up by words shot as us like spears. We remained unaffected and we remained in our own heart. We were motivated, inspired and moved by our own purpose – rather than being influenced by what someone else thought about us. We were not confused about our purpose because it was sparked from within.

Your experience with her might be different … her energy will manifest in the way that is most needed and most beneficial to you. That may be with fierce protectiveness or the gentlest touch. That is for you to experience. The Crystalline beings that will come forward to create your personal FIRE INSIDE Dragon Star Song may not be the same ones in the image, but they will be the ones that are singing for you personally and the ones that are best for you at this moment.


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