Does a Solstice or Equinox affect our physical bodies?

Does a Solstice or Equinox affect our physical bodies?

As much as we see the interconnectedness between all things in the natural world, I don’t think we realize the extent of the connection between our bodies and nature’s rhythms – we don’t realize how intertwined we are. On all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We may be able to see Gaia as a living being without necessarily being fully aware that She and we are not the separate entities that we appear to be. We are of her and she of us. So of course when the winds swirl and the rain falls and the mountains move and the seasons shift – something swirls and moves and shifts in us. It may be at such a subtle level that only the most sensitive can feel it.

It is not much different than what happens within our own bodies. We may see ourselves as one single entity but really we are an ecosystem of many beings functioning as one (ref: The Human Body as an Ecosystem). There are millions of movements and multiple operations happening within our body in any given moment. We may be completely unaware of them but they are happening nonetheless. Imagine how much more removed we are from the things which are happening outside our body. The farther something is from our physical body, the less aware we are of our connection to it. As we expand outwards to the other side of the world and even into the far reaches of our galaxy we feel the disconnect to a greater level.

We can experience a very real example of this right now in real time.

Pause and take a moment to feel your heart. Rest your hand over your heart and listen. If you are patient enough you will begin to feel and maybe even hear the beating rhythm. You would never notice it otherwise. However once you place your focus and attention on it – you feel it.

Think about this – if we had never studied the human body and were not aware of what was inside us, we may know ourselves only through our outer body – what we see on the surface. Before we explored the inner workings of all the intricate operations that went on within the body we would likely never have imagined the possibility.

As far as we are in our understanding of our physical forms, we have not come close to the truth of who we are. Our bodies don’t end where we think they do. We are intricately connected to EVERY other living being on this planet, including the earth herself and extending outwards into the stars. This is easier to fathom when we understand that we are not as different from the stars as we believe. Most of the water in the universe is created as a byproduct of star formation. Our planet and our bodies consist predominately of water. WATER and STARS are made of the same stuff …

 “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.”   == Carl Sagan, Cosmos

At some level what is happening outside our bodies is as much a part of who we are as what is happening within. Most times we don’t notice. If we paid attention to everything that was happening in the universe we would lose our minds – literally we would lose our identity. But as the veils between worlds continues to thin there are a growing number of us sensitive ones and light guides who are feeling these shifts more and more intensely with each passing season.

So you see we are not separate from Gaia during earth cycles and shifts and weather patterns. At some level we feel what happens in our environment in our physical body. It can be overwhelming – especially when we do not know the cause of our anxieties. Understanding what is happening can help calm our fears and that alone can help ease any physical symptoms we may experience during the shifting cycles. Especially during key changes like the one we are moving through currently – the autumnal equinox. Fear is a powerful energy and can cause such strong physical symptoms that we can feel as if we are dying. And it feeds itself. The symptoms cause us to be more fearful and the more intense the fear the more intense the physical sensations. We become stuck in this feedback loop.

I share this with you from a place of experience. I have known some powerful fears. Discovering the Star Songs was a great gift. They have come to be an enormous source of support during earth shifts such as the equinox. They have eased my physical and emotional pains in the moment; but the greatest gift came to me through the Star Songs’ cumulative energetic vibrations. Over time, I have come to a more peaceful and present state of being. They have helped me to move out of the many fears I used to carry around with me. Unburdening myself of my those fears, anxieties and worries has left me feeling lighter of spirit – but I am also lighter of body. I no longer need extra body weight to anchor me to the earth.

I offer the Star Songs to those who need their energy. I offer them as personal essences, as a monthly circle or as a yearly subscription so that you can benefit from their cumulative effects. I am also available to help guide you through the shifting energies of our time if you need one on one wellness guidance.

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