Crossroads Crystal Star Song

Crossroads Crystal Star Song

A group of crystals began to sing to me of CROSSROADS in relationships. They showed me how sometimes it is up to us to break free from a relationship that is clouding our view of our true destiny. We may not be able to see the road ahead while we are looking in the opposite direction. They showed me how murky our view becomes when we are in the midst of a relationship that is no longer the best for us and how things clear up when we break free of it. We humans forge strong attachments and find it difficult to let go sometimes. We want a crystal ball vision of what’s to come and guarantees that we’re doing the right thing. But there are some things which can’t be seen until the moment of our arrival. Sometimes we must walk into the darkness and trust. When the Universe tasks us to change our path, it doesn’t do so without offering us an assist. Just because we must walk in the dark, doesn’t mean we must do it alone. I have shared more about the song of these crystals in the “Crossroads for Humanity” blog if you would like to know more.

These Crossroads crystals inspired the co-creation of a Star Song that offered a profound gift. I was feeling the effects of this Star Song even before it even came into presence and in the days following, I saw some powerful shifts in my family dynamics. The effects were not limited to my own relationships. Those close to me were speaking to me of shifts in their relationships also – just from being in the presence of the energy.  (Just so you are aware – they knew nothing of the Star Song – I keep my work private.)

What I’ve received so far from this Star Song – or should I say what I’ve been able to articulate so far is that …

This Star Song came into presence to help to reconnect ORIGINAL etheric blueprint patterns which have been severed and have remained unattached for ages.  This disconnect may show up in the “severed” and disconnected relationships in your lives which have been playing out in your family line for centuries.



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