Crescent Circle Star Song - Balance of Being

Crescent Circle Star Song - Balance of Being

The emergence of the Crescent Circle Star Song began with a beautiful Infinite Stone which was offering its powerful emanations for a physical ache and it led to a strength that radiated into all parts of my life, including even my meditations.

I woke up one day with a backache. I heard a lovely Infinite stone singing for me, offering its healing vibrations. I carried it with me as I went about my day and it wasn’t long before I’d forgotten my pain. I’m not sure when it dissipated but it didn’t take long and it didn’t come back. This was a magical example of how “crystals got your back” both figuratively and literally. This gentle stone being shared a song (message) which I sent out to my crystal community through a Crystal Moon Message. (Note: If you want to be part of the crystal community and receive the Crystal Moon messages that come through the Song of Stones, I invite you to sign up for the newsletter, making sure you select the Song of Stones option.)



Dearest earth beings,

Lighten yourselves.

You carry your shame like a yoke on a servant’s shoulders

weighed down with the heaviest of loads.

Then you wonder why your back hurts.

What could you have possibly done

that would warrant such a punishment.

What horrific crime have you committed

to deserve this lifelong sentence.

Sweet beings … you are so hard on yourselves.

Let go of your weights and lighten yourself.

We will help you. We will show you how.



I also co-created a Star Song with a different – smaller – infinite stone and a trio of soft lemony consciously harvested Sutherland Marble tumbles. A heart shaped Marcasite crystalline being also joined and together they emanated an energy to support my physical structure and to strengthen my endurance at a time where my body had been stressed. 


Those beautiful stone beings came together again in a crescent circle to co-create a monthly Star Song that came into presence during a full blood moon and longest lunar eclipse in centuries. The Full Moon for that month (July) is called Buck Moon, as new antlers emerge from bucks’ foreheads around this time of the year. This is interesting as the crystals for the star song intentionally took formation in a crescent shape on the left side of the water medium. Looking at a picture of a young buck, I see that their antlers also create a crescent shape. It’s a lovely synchronicity that fortifies the message. And that word I was just given – fortifies – is the essence of this Star Song. So during that magical celestial event as the full blood moon rose up and the protective antlers of the bucks were emerging, we received – through the Crescent Circle Star Song – the energy to fortify our own power to stand strong through what life is offering us. These sweet crystals are wee ones and even their colour is soft and gentle. This amplifies their message of finding strength in places and at times where it seems unlikely. 



There was much more to their song. I continued to listen to the song of these lovely crescent crystals until their deeper message emerged.  


This Star Song came forward to awaken the energy of fortification in you. As the energy of this time intensifies and becomes more powerful you are called to do so as well. It is an energy of strength and endurance. If your inner power and strength is in sync and harmony with all that is, then you will not feel dissonance or resistance to what is swirling about outside yourself.


As the star song was in presence I noticed that the gift of fortification that was emanating through it was touching my life in unexpected ways. I did feel a growing strength in my physical body but I also felt strengthened in my meditation. That was what was most surprising to me – the physical sensations of the meditative state were noticeably more intense and more powerful. Let’s see if I can describe it … the connection between my spirit and my body was more powerful. So I could feel myself beautifully grounded in my physical body but I could also feel the part of me that is pure light quite intensely. It is that harmony that we are constantly seeking in life; the balance between heaven and earth. Here’s what I’m realizing now that is fascinating me … the more you come into balance between physical and spiritual – the stronger the sensations become in both bodies. You might think that as you come into balance you would feel less of a separation between the two parts of existence – that both body and spirit would blend together in oneness. So if I was vibrating in oneness – shouldn’t I feel an unwavering sameness? But what I’m finding is that the closer I get to the harmony of oneness, the more clearly I can feel each separate element of existence and yet, at the same time, I feel less separate from each element of existence. It is very difficult to put into words. It seems like a dichotomy but that is the essence of this craziness of existing as a spirit being in a physical world. And that is the essence of … 


Balance of Being



I thought that I was done with this post and with the gifts of this Star Song. But now I understand why I was unable to publish it. There was MORE! Yesterday I had what I want to call a conversation with someone who had done some work on my home – but it was more like him screaming and swearing at me. I can’t say that I wasn’t shaken by the encounter but I can tell you that I felt a strength during that conversation that surprised me. I was calm. I stood my ground. I made sure that I was heard and he knew I did not appreciate being yelled at. Afterwards I did remember that old part of me who might have have allowed the bully to make me believe that I was the one who was at fault and feeling that I should have kept silent. Now that I am telling you about it I just remembered that last night I had a conversation that led to mentioning a childhood bully who tormented my playground time. It was just mentioned in passing so I didn’t put it together with the earlier encounter until just now. Of course the Universe was showing me that the two were connected. That the man I spoke with earlier was just as much a bully as the one from my childhood. The Universe is brilliant at orchestrating events to make it easier for us to “get it” (have an aha).

This is the subtle power of the Star Songs … the gentle shifts in vibration that move you out of old patterns and and closer into the harmony of your light body. Of course, as you can see, that doesn’t mean that you might not have to move through an experience of the old energy – like I had to do with the bully who screamed at me … just for old time’s sake (lol). It was not fun in the moment but WOW … now that I am aware of the inner workings behind what happened I suddenly feel lighter in my body – which tells me that this particular pattern is complete … I HOPE! Please let it be complete – I’m going to be seeing my in-laws this week



UPDATE:  As the Crescent Star Song was in presence, a shipment of my favourite olives had been dispatched. They were supposed to arrive on the day I completed this light log post. Just about the time that I published it I received a notice from the courier saying that my package had been damaged during shipment and it was being sent back. It’s not unusual for things to shatter or break or get put on hold or cancelled during an energetic shift. When it’s something big, I’ve often noticed that glass shatters. This Star Song ushered in a prolific shift so it’s not surprising that my olive jars broke.

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