Chasing wishes

Chasing wishes

I ran down the street, bouncing around like a moppet uncaring of how I appeared, chasing a cluster of wishes, intent on catching the slippery little suckers. And I did!

I encased them in a makeshift net of loose fingers, carrying them slowly, protectively. I took them inside, away from the breeze, being careful not to crush the perfect geodesic dome. It turns out that bumps and breath worked just as well to set the weightless filaments again to flight. Then the chase begins again, and again, each time distorting the once perfect spheroid, ending with a triangular clump but still tickled at my triumph. 

Turns out the end form matched perfectly in size and shape to a cluster of pink crystals which whispered their song just before I set out on this magical adventure on a strangely ordinary day, down a deceptively common crescent. Now the two sat together looking as they were fashioned  from the same mold, their creator playing with different mediums, from the most dense to the airiest. 

So before I set this web of wishes free, I make one for you. 

May you be as light and buoyant in your heart and mind as this ethereal cluster . 

May wisps of inspiration float freely into your imagination. 

May you be as slippery to catch by any who criticize your craft. 

May you be as formless in your thoughts, open to the myriad of ideas floating in the world. 

May you sparkle beneath the moon and cast rainbows through sunshine. 

May you always be free to be your brilliantly creative self. 
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