Blue Light Star Song

Blue Light Star Song

Three gemmy deep Blue Fluorite Crystal tumbles were singing so powerfully as I was walking out the door of my suppliers with my crystals already wrapped. I couldn't ignore them and scooped them up and brought them home. They volunteered to bring through the Crystal Moon Message for April’s new moon. After they whispered their message, they offered their energy for the Blue Light Star Song.


The day that I received the 3 blue gems, I also picked up some raw blue fluorite crystals. I was guided to cleanse them under water this morning and offer them to you in triads. There happened to be exactly 4 triads and their forms and colours harmonize beautifully. This has been clearly orchestrated for us so that we can know that it is these specific 4 triads which have come together for this purpose of opening the portals to revise reality (more about that in the Crystal Moon Message).

It was such a magical essence. The Star Song water doesn’t always go through a physical transformation but this time it did. I have tried to capture this in photos but I don’t know if I was able to - we’ll see when I download them. It had a shimmery quality and bubbles - but not bubble like I’d ever seen before - these bubbles were almost … I don’t know … different in shape … sparkly. I hope that you’ll be able to see in the photos.


All the Star Songs are magical but there was something extra magical about this one. I’ll have to see if words come to me about what I was feeling. I can tell you that the first day I was feeling the “pause” that I spoke about in my facebook post:


There is a pause that comes after a magical moment or sacred creation. It is a stillness that follows the frenzied movement. As much as we think that the magic happens in chaotic crash of synchronicities and strange manifestations and intense feelings of shock and awe - that’s only the beginning. The real power is in the moment after the magic. The quiet stillness - the pause. That is when you choose either to forget about what happened and look to the next exciting event or to breathe the magic into your body and start to live it.

I definitely needed to rest more that day : ) But then the other days had an almost indescribable quality - almost as if everything is a little more “vivid” is the word that’s coming to me … intensified might be another way to put it. IE … feelings are more intense, meditation is deeper, images in my minds eye clearer, etc. I would love to know what you experienced.

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