anchoring light

anchoring light

Light is not easy to hold onto which is why we gravitate to the darkness. When I say darkness, what I mean is the doubt and discord that originates from fear as opposed to the light vibrations of trust and harmony which stem from love. Our thoughts and actions are a direct reflection of which side (the light or the dark) we choose to anchor within us.

We seem to be more easily pulled towards the darkness as fear is powerfully alluring.  We see this recurrently playing out in all segments of our societies from business to politics to our social interactions.  We see it even within our spiritual institutions.  I offer a couple simple, relatable examples.  It’s much easier for us to see the bad qualities in a person than to see the good in them. The same holds true for ourselves. We are quick to judge ourselves harshly and slow to encourage and nurture our inner light. We slow down and stare at accidents on the road but rarely will we take the same time and intensity of attention to notice a kind act or beautiful sight.

That’s not because darkness is our nature. It’s not. Spend even a short time with a baby and you will see that there is nothing dark in their nature. They are pure and innocent. They have not yet had any influence. They have not seen anything yet but pure love. That genuine love is what we see reflected to us when we look at a newborn. It is that pure vibration that we are drawn to.

No … darkness is not our nature. Darkness is learned. The darkness draws us because it vibrates harmonically with our fears. It grows in direct relation to our level of fear. With so much frightening information coming at us from all directions and in so many different formats and mediums, is it any wonder that we are scared so much of the time. Even if we are aware of our fearfulness, we may not realize that all that fear draws to us an equivalent amount of darkness.

So … how do we call back in the light and anchor it to keep it from vanishing just as quickly as it settles in.  Here’s one way you can anchor light:


Choose a happy memory or dream or vision or image.  Anything that makes you feel happy … you know that awwww so cute moment or awe inspiring beauty.  It can be real or it can be something from your imagination.  It may also be a combination of both real and imagined.  It can be a static image or a living scene.  Take your image and sculpt it. Look at it in great detail.  Enhance it – elaborate on it.  It’s yours to do with what you will.  Remember, this is a creation – a work of art.  Spend some time creating it and allow it to be an enjoyable experience.  You need not worry about getting it perfect because you can change it anytime you wish.  It is a ongoing creation … it will never be complete – it can change at your whim anytime you wish.

This will be your anchor and you will come to it often during the course of this journey into creating a world of light.  Anytime you feel you need a little light in your day, you can call up your light vision.

This is just one suggestion.  There are many ways in which you can anchor light – other types of visualization … crystals … spending time with people who are light guides and who can model living in light for you … eating a light-filled diet (foods that are as raw and natural and as chemical free as possible) … and of course you can always visit us every day for a moment or two of light-ness.


(originally published on 2016)

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