Accidentally becoming Happy

Accidentally becoming Happy

I wanted to share with you how I accidentally discovered a completely natural and very effective solution for Anxiety that is inexpensive and super simple.

I was preparing for a trip and having MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) traveling is an extra challenge for me. Essential oils have been very helpful with my chemical sensitivities so I planned to take some along. I’m usually a last minute person but because I knew having my oils with me would make such a difference, I prepared my essences in advance. I used mini 2.5ml. bottles and essential oil inhalers so that I wouldn’t have an issue with bringing them on the plane (because of the restrictions on liquids). I also called the airline to make sure it wouldn’t be an issue and if you’re planning to fly with essential oils, I advise you to do the same.

I made an inhaler specially for the plane with a recipe my supplier created help with the air quality. I also intuitively gathered up some oils allowing the essences to guide me. Peppermint was definitely one as was Palo Santo – those oils have saved me from headaches and after chemical exposure numerous times. Another one that called to me was Davana – an ancient flower used in India for centuries. This was a new one for me. I didn’t know much about it but I was powerfully drawn to it. It’s heavenly scent filled the house, and mingled with the others. It was a lovely experience, filling my tiny bottles and my inhalers. Working with the oils in this way offers a special gift of its own. It’s quite meditative and in the process you infuse the oils with your energy which enhances the experience and amplifies their effects.

I had a very lovely and peaceful week and packing and trip preparations went smoothly. I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t been feeling stressed or anxious about going. It didn’t dawn on me until I was at the airport and that peaceful calm was still with me – that this was Davana’s gift. I did well on the trip. In fact I did better than the very seasoned travellers I was with. I even found that I was enjoying myself.

My experience during this trip revealed something to me about this very special quality of Davana. You really must experience this essence to truly understand, but I will try to express to you what I personally discovered about this very blessed essence. She allows us to break free of the heavy chains that keep us cowering in the shadows, unable to come out into the light and show ourselves.  I am in awe of the gentleness in which she guides us out of fear and into peacefulness.

I later discovered that easing stress, anxiety and fear is a known quality of Davana, among many other things. This just confirmed in me the power of instinctively listening with the heart and in harmony with the essences.

Whenever I start to feel that all too familiar sensation of anxiety rise up in me, I open up my Davana essence and I am immediately soothed. I can’t stress (LOL) strongly enough how much of a gift that is. People go to the ends of the earth to get that feeling … they take anti-anxiety meds, they go for massages, they meditate, they go on vacation, they eat comfort food, they drink, they work out, they reach for tech to socialize or play games, they shop and I’m sure there are other things they try. Davana will not solve the problems that lead to fear and stress and anxiety, but it can ease them. All you have to do is open the bottle. Nothing can be easier.

I know how debilitating fear can be and I’m so incredibly grateful to be able to offer a pathway out of it.  I can’t guarantee that you’ll experience this essence in the same way that I did. The oils – when they are pure and respectfully gathered and handled – are living essences whose energies vibrate in harmony with your own. It is a dynamic relationship. But if there is a possibility that you’ll receive even a little relief from your fears and anxiety, then it is worth the try.

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