A minute to shift it

A minute to shift it

A minute is all that you need to shift the focus of your entire day.  It’s easy enough to find a minute even in the most hectic of mornings, but you can take that minute from any part of your day.  Whenever you choose to set aside that 1 minute, commit to focusing on pure light filled thoughts for that entire time.

Just know that a minute can be a long time.  The human mind generally has a thought a second and it’s natural for those thoughts to wander.  It’s ok. You’ve not “screwed” it up.  Don’t be hard on yourself.  It may take practice to get to a point of staying focused on light filled thoughts for the whole time. If you notice your thoughts wandering – simply bring them back.  You can direct them to where you wish them to be. It’s really that simple.

If you see a child about to step out onto the road, you don’t argue with them about where they are going. You simply pick them up and bring them back to the safety of the sidewalk. Your thoughts can be like children. They wander without noticing where they are going. There’s no reason or point to blaming them/yourself for this. It’s a natural tendency.

If you wish to have something to focus your thoughts on, choose a beautiful image or a quote to print out and keep nearby for when you need to bring your thoughts back to the light.

With time and awareness,  you will begin to choose where your thoughts go.  That minute you’ve been investing each morning will expand.  You’ll notice that you will begin to spend more and more time on light filled thoughts, naturally and without effort.  That’s how it works.

In the meantime, when your thoughts begin to wander away from the light, be easy on yourself and gently bring them back out of the shadows. Remember the purpose of this exercise. It’s to bring more light, love, joy and good thoughts into your life. If you’re admonishing yourself you’re not thinking good thoughts. That’s defeating the purpose. It’s fear trying to rob you of your moment of bliss. So being easy on yourself is not letting yourself off the hook from accomplishing your goal. It IS the goal.


(originally published on www.aworldoflight.com 2016)

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