A little love for our earth

A little love for our earth

The other day as I was breathing in the toxic chemical scent on my paper towels I had an aha moment. I was, in that instant, suddenly inspired to stop using paper towels - unless I absolutely needed them. There is such a thing as a paper towel emergency. Those are the messes that if you used the kitchen towels for you’d have to throw them out after. Most of what I need them for could be easily done with my fluffy cotton kitchen towels.

I’m a “sensitive soul” - spiritually, emotionally and physically. I react to all things chemical. My home is already as free from plastic as possible and the strongest thing I use to clean with is baking soda and vinegar. So why was I bringing home something that was not good for me or the environment. Something that I had to leave outside for days to air out before I could use. Why was I using a chemically bleached, plastic wrapped, synthetic version of the real thing? I can’t believe that I only just realized this now.

It’s amazing the things we do simply because we are in the habit of doing them. Ok … I have “awoken”.

(Side note: AWAKEN is my word for the year. It was given to me one morning just as I was “waking up”. The universe does have a sense of humour. I received this word in a deeply mystical way, and though there have been some powerful spiritual experiences that followed, I see now that it also relates to the ordinary things such as kitchen towels.)

So what was I saying … right … no more paper towels.

I must admit that paper towels absorb better than anything else I’ve found but at what expense. I decided to give it a try without making any promises or vows to myself or to anyone else. Just following a momentary inspiration that felt good when it came so I’m going with it. No pressure and no judgement.

It’s been about a week - I haven’t been counting. I’m just taking it one day at a time. I have to say that, not only do I not miss the paper towels (especially not the chemical stink), I’m actually enjoying the feel of the natural cotton on my hands on my dishes.

Giving up the paper towels was just one part of my little moment of “awakening”. Something really magical happened in that split second which went beyond the inspiration that led me to my realization. I felt a sudden deepening of my connection to the Earth. I honestly don’t know which came first - the love that I was feeling for the earth or the love she was sending that was carried in with the inspiration. That’s how it is when you are dancing in the mystery of the Universe. You’re moving in grace without knowing if you’re hearing the music or singing the song.

Let me know if you’ve been inspired to send the earth a little love in your own special way. If you are wanting to do so but are not sure how, I invite you to ask the earth to send some inspiration your way. You have to be listening for it because the earth’s whispers can be quite subtle. Or you can actively look for a new way that you can let go of a plastic part of your life as a show of love to yourself and to the earth.

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