4C Star Song to draw Strength

4C Star Song to draw Strength

Carbon, Coral, Copper and Cedar come together to co-create this Star Song to draw Strength.

Inspiration for this star song came from seeing many people falling … literally, physically falling. Someone near and dear to me was one of those who fell and a circle of stones offered us their gift of strength through the ordeal. So for this month Carbon, Coral, Copper and Cedar* come together to allow us to draw strength to all aspects of our being – not just physically, but emotionally and mentally.

The strength of the oak, the power of the wind, the might of the water and the intensity of fire do not come from their physical nature but from the source of all that is. It is the spiritual breath that empowers the whole of the universe. They remember this – they draw their strength by simply being who they are and in this way they allow the Divine presence to shine through. 

–smadar and the stone beings

*The “Cedar” stone is a tumbled petrified wood stone (it may not be actually Cedar – that was a symbolic term).

There is a mystical image that appeared in one of the photos. It felt that if the universe was showing us something here through this picture:

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