Xi Breathing with Robert Peng

Xi Breathing with Robert Peng

Over the past few years, has there been a significant shift in your priorities — with regard to what matters and is most important to you?

Many of us want nothing more than to feel connected, content, and happy.

We want to lift our spirits, open our hearts, and feel excited again, finding purpose in the lives that lay before us.

Internationally renowned Qigong master Robert Peng wants to help you awaken that joy by opening your energy flow and tapping into your deeper, hidden reservoirs of love, wisdom, and vitality.

Robert will introduce you to Xi breathing, a powerful technique that stimulates the vagus nerve, which in turn opens your life-force energy, also known as Qi.

You can register here for Connect to Your Inner Joy Through Qigong’s Xi Breathing: Open Your Qi Flow to Awaken Wisdom, Vitality & a Loving Heart

In this free 60-minute Qigong event, you’ll discover:

  • The power of Xi breathing
  • How to awaken and align the body’s three dantian centers
  • How you can make your body change without use of external forces
  • The way the Central Meridian holds the three dantians together and connects you to the universe
  • A Qigong movement and Xi breathing exercise that will clear your mind and make your body feel more relaxed and resilient

When your Qi is flowing freely, your heart is open, your mind is still, and your body is calm — enabling you to feel a deep peace and authentic joy.

Robert will also lead you in a simple and graceful Qigong movement practice called “Eight Cycles” to make your body flexible — and flow like water.

You’ll gather heavenly Yang and earthly Yin energy and bring them together in harmony, clearing away blockages and reinvigorating your energy flow, giving you a renewed sense of vitality and bliss.


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P.S. In Connect to Your Inner Joy Through Qigong’s Xi Breathing: Open Your Qi Flow to Awaken Wisdom, Vitality & a Loving Heart, you’ll reinvigorate your energy flow, clear blockages, and cultivate a sense of wellbeing through Qigong’s Xi breathing technique and discover the spiritual abundance that awaits you.


You can register here

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